Jake Tapper Fact Checks Hillary's Email Claims, and it Isn't Pretty (VIDEO)

Factcheck.org is about as objective as the rest of the media, which is to say that it skews way to the left. Nonetheless, Jake Tapper participated in a Factcheck.org video examining Hillary’s claims about her use of a private email server and the end result was pretty brutal for Clinton. Take a look.


(via Hot Air). It is absolutely certain at this point that Clinton violated federal law with respect to the retention of government records. No one – not even the media – is going to spin that one for her anymore. The Clintons do and always have considered themselves to be above the laws especially with respect to their own secrecy and privacy.

The only question now is whether Clinton’s email was also compromised by foreign governments or hackers – which seems like a virtual certainty but has not yet been conclusively demonstrated. The extradition of notorious European hacker Guccifer has sparked rumors that the government does in fact have suspicions that Clinton’s private email may have been hacked, just like Sidney Blumenthal’s. And when and if that happens, the scandal that will never die for Hillary will get a whole new set of legs.



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