A Thought for Republican Candidates Who are Considering Endorsing Trump


Right now, there have to be a lot of Republicans who are sitting on the fence about endorsing Trump. If Trump gets the nomination, there will be a lot more. Republican candidates for office will face an unprecedentedly tough question: do I hop on the Trump train or go it on my own?


Here’s something for all those candidates to consider: look at what’s happened over the last 24 hours after Trump’s three ridiculous answers on abortion. This is going to be your life for the next four months if you cast your lot in with Trump. Every time you go on television – every time you have an interview with literally anyone, you’re going to be asked about the latest insane thing Donald Trump has said.

Every. Single. Time.

You know it’s true. If you think the media is obsessed with Trump now, wait until he’s the official nominee of the Republican party. Wait until he’s a legitimate cudgel to beat each and every single one of you with. And wait until attacking Trump means protecting Hillary Clinton in an official way. You will literally never be able to be in front of a microphone without being asked about Trump.

The question I have is this: Do you want to spend the next four months repeating, “I am not supporting Trump, he is not my problem”?

Or, would you rather have to answer the question. 

Your call.


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