Donald Trump is a Garbage Human Being Who is Leading a Movement of Other Garbage Human Beings

So, listen, to get this out of the way, I am sure there are a lot of Donald Trump supporters who are not garbage human beings. I am sure there are quite a lot of them who just quite frankly don’t know about the abominable things he’s done since he started this campaign (including his mockery of a disabled reporter, his likening Ben Carson to a child molester, his multiple intentional lies about his own past positions, his open courting of white supremacists, or his lengthy history of supporting Democrats, including Hillary Clinton).


Some (many?) of his supporters just see a guy on TV who’s entertaining and talking about making America great again and stopping illegal immigration and that’s probably all they know. I have no beef with those people, except that I wish they’d pay closer attention to the news, but Americans by and large have always been terrible at that.

On the other hand, in terms of public leaders, the Trump train is being driven by just the worst, most garbage human beings on the planet, and that starts at the top with Trump himself.

Let’s set the stage, for those who might have been living under a rock for the last week. Early this week, an anti-Trump Super PAC – NOT affiliated with the Cruz campaign at all – ran an ad that highlighted Melania Trump’s explicit modeling photos. Photos she took voluntarily, and that she was paid goodly sums of money for, all with the clear understanding that they would appear in public.

Nevertheless, Cruz immediately denounced the ad and disclaimed it. He has never even once said anything derogatory in any way about Melania Trump. In spite of the claims of numerous Fox News personalities to the contrary, the Super PAC that ran the ad is not even supporting him.


Trump responded in typical Donald Trump fashion – which is to say, like a garbage human being would. He threatened Cruz’s wife with exposure of a public secret and posted unflattering photos of her, basically calling her ugly.

Taking their cue from Trump himself, Trump’s most visible public supporters have taken the attack to a whole new, and utterly more disgusting, level. An orchestrated campaign has begun on twitter to accuse Ted Cruz of having had multiple affairs with absolutely no credible evidence. Trump’s supporters have intentionally used a hashtag with the goal of causing it to trend on twitter and slander Cruz’s reputation despite knowing that the allegations are certainly false.

Trump’s supporters have now moved on to open intimidation tactics against the supporters of other candidates. During the middle of an on-air segment about a completely unrelated matter, prominent Trump supporter and garbage human being Adriana Cohen accused a Cruz supporter of having had an affair with Cruz, on live television. This disgusting and baseless behavior is again set by the tone of the man at the top of this particular trainwreck, and his name is Donald Trump.

Here at RedState, this is the last we intend to say about this absurd and salacious story that shows the contemptible nature of the Trump campaign and all his prominent surrogates. And it also shows the desperation that Trump has as he is starting to realize that he probably is not going to get the 1,237 delegates he needs.


The best way to fight back against this is to beat Trump at the ballot box. Volunteer for a campaign that is working to defeat Trump. Donate to Ted Cruz. Send Trump to the rubbish heap of history where he belongs. Then there won’t be any reason for garbage human beings like Adriana Cohen to be on air anymore, or for any of the rest of us to have to put up with Trump’s antics.


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