Ohio Exit Polls Released; Looking Good for Kasich

The exit polls have been released in Ohio and it looks like good news if you are a John Kasich fan. The general consensus of the media organizations who have done exits are very bullish about Kasich’s chances, and it looks like both campaigns are aware that today will be a good day for Kasich in Ohio.


Fox News reported a huge late break for Kasich, indicating that he dominated coming down the stretch with late deciders, a huge factor in a race where he was holding a lead going into the final weekend. Fox News also reported that Kasich won Independents and Democrats in Ohio, which is an extremely bad omen for Donald Trump in this contest.

The Trump campaign has even issued a clear expectations-lowering statement in response.

It looks like, for better or worse, John Kasich might still be in this race tomorrow, even if he gets mathematically eliminated tonight.

UPDATE: CNN has released their top line exit polls result, and it shows a 45-38 lead for Kasich. Expect this one to be called relatively early tonight.



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