John Kasich JUST Learned that Donald Trump is a Crazy Person (VIDEO)

You hardly know where to begin with a clip like this. John Kasich was just on CNN with Jake Tapper, and expressed outrage at some of the comments that Donald Trump has made at his rallies and about women in particular. Tapper asked him the natural question: (paraphrased) “Are you just now learning that Donald Trump regularly says crazy and insulting things?”


Amazingly, the answer is apparently, “yes.” Take a look.

Tapper: You responded to a TV ad from an anti-Donald Trump Super PAC featuring women repeating quotes that Donald Trump has made about women. Here’s a clip of that ad.

[clip plays]

Tapper: You said this morning that you just saw that TV ad, and you’re going to have more to say about those comments. I guess my question is, were you not aware that Donald Trump has made comments like this?

Kasich: No. Jake, you know, it’s really interesting. Because when we had the debate, you were the moderator, you did a fine job, but in those debates, I’m not paying a lot of attention to the details of the questions. (Ed. note – this explains a lot.) And, uh, frankly after the Friday problems in Chicago, I actually had my press people give me all of his quotes at rallies. And, um, I just didn’t know the extent of it to tell you the truth. I’m too busy doing what I need to do, and, um, then this commercial, you know, which I just saw yesterday, I was not aware of all this. It’s deeply disturbing. It really is. It’s not what we would expect out of a leader of our country. So, um, look. Today, we’re focused on Ohio, and we’ll have more to say when we get down the road.


Way to be zeroed in on what’s happening in your own party’s Presidential election – an election that you’re running in – John Kasich!


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