John Kasich's Creepy Kasich-as-Jesus Flyer

Give me a break. John Kasich is almost as deluded about his own sense of self-importance and ability as Donald Trump is. Here is the flyer that Kasich’s volunteers are passing out as he makes his closing case in Ohio today.

There is no universe in which this flyer is a good idea, or paints Kasich in anything resembling a positive light. First of all, the picture I guess is supposed to indicate Kasich giving a nice old lady a friendly hug but it frankly looks more like a dementor from one of those Harry Potter books about to eat the poor woman’s soul.

Second, in terms of the message, who is Kasich trying to portray himself as? Jesus? Yoda?

… Bruce Campbell?

Get a grip, John Kasich. You’re a politician. A notoriously and obnoxiously mean one, at that. You’re not the Christ or Yoda and you’re not qualified to fight the armies of darkness. Stop preying on people’s despair about Trump in such a transparent fashion. It’s embarrassing.

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