Rep. Peter King (R-NY) Refuses to Say if He'd Vote for Trump against Hillary (VIDEO)

We have given Peter King (R-NY) a lot of well-justified grief here on the front page of RedState, but the fact that King can find common ground with a guy like Ben Sasse on an issue like this tells you there are probably a lot more folks behind the floodgates. King was just on CNN with Wolf Blitzer and he was asked if he would support Donald Trump against Hillary Clinton if Trump were the nominee. His response was pretty telling.


WOLF BLITZER: Ben Sasse, a Senator from Nebraska (a Republican) tweeted, that if Trump becomes the Republican nominee, my expectation is that I’ll look for third candidate, a conservative option, a constitutionalist. If Trump is the nominee, could you vote for him?

PETER KING: It would be difficult. He’s the nominee of the party, I’d have to see what happens between now and November. But you mention Senator Sasse, he’s not just a Republican, he’s an arch-conservative, and so for him to come out as strongly as he did, that was really a statement of conscience and I give him tremendous credit for doing that. That again shows the revulsion among people that have been following what Donald Trump is saying.

WOLF BLITZER: What about Hillary Clinton, could you vote for her if she were running against Trump or would you be torn in other words?

PETER KING: No, listen, I’m a Republican, I want to vote for the Republican nominee, let’s see what happens…

WOLF BLITZER: What if it’s Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Michael Bloomberg, the former mayor of New York, then would you really be torn?

PETER KING: No, listen, Michael is a friend, he was an outstanding mayor, so we’ll see what happens.

WOLF BLITZER: SO you’re saying you could support a third party candidate?

PETER KING: No, I’m supporting Marco Rubio right now and I don’t want anything I say to be used against him, so…


It doesn’t really take a mind reader to know what Peter King is thinking, and what he’ll do if Trump is the nominee.


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