Guess How Many Lawsuits Against the Trump University Plaintiffs Trump has Actually Won?

In Thursday night’s debate, during the course of being hammered about the fraudulent “university” that Donald Trump lent his name to in order to lull gullible people into parting with their life savings, Trump claimed the following:


I’ve won most of the lawsuits. … It’s a case that is nonsense. It’s something I could have settled many times. I could settle it right now for very little money, but I don’t want to do it out of principle.

This information, like most of the rest of the information that Trump spews out during the course of debates, is just a wee bit off. How many lawsuits has Trump actually won? I’ll give you one guess.

If you guessed that the answer is zero, then you’re correct. Please reward yourself with a cookie, because you can’t have any of mine for guessing such an easy answer.

The truth is that there are three lawsuits currently pending against Trump in connection with Trump University. One was filed by the State of New York, and the other two are private class action lawsuits. Trump has not “won” a single one of these lawsuits. All three are currently pending, and none are on the verge of dismissal whatsoever. In fact, Trump is expected to be required to testify in one or more of these lawsuits as they are going on.


One of the named plaintiffs in one of the class actions has withdrawn because she did not want the ongoing publicity of being involved in the lawsuit. Zero of the plaintiffs have had their cases dismissed on the merits.

So unless you are of the belief that “zero” is “most of” one hundred and fifty, then Trump is pretty much full of crap on this one. Imagine my surprise.


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