Here is What Donald Trump Promised Trump University Students (VIDEO)

Donald Trump promises his voters that he’s going to provide them with the best and most of everything. America’s going to be great again. We’re all going to get rich. The jobs are going to come back. We’ll have the biggest, classiest wall. We’re going to cut such great deals together your head will spin.


If you ask for specifics, you get a lot of “believe me,” and “trust me,” and “I’m Donald Trump, of course I know how to make it happen.”

See if any of that sounds familiar to you as you watch this promo video for the fraudulent Trump University, starring none other than Donald Trump:

Wow, it’s almost exactly like listening to a Trump stump speech right now. Of course we know how the story turned out for the people who shelled out $35,000 to enroll in Trump University: nothing at all. Zero involvement from Trump himself, zero actual help, zero financial benefit whatsoever. In fact, the entire claim that Trump was involved in the University at all, except from a marketing standpoint, is a complete fraud.

Trump is really and genuinely great at one thing in life – identifying suckers and selling them a bill of goods. Trump’s ability to deliver the promises he is currently selling Republican voters should be judged by his ability to deliver the goods he promised the people who enrolled in Trump University.


If Trump really was able to deliver the goods that he promised, there ought to be tons of people right now coming forward to praise Trump University and to explain how it made them rich like Trump promised. However, instead you have a deafening silence where success stories ought to be, and lawsuits from angry and embarrassed fraud victims who realized all too late that Donald Trump is all talk and no walk – a scam artist of the worst sort.

Donald Trump does not have supporters, he has marks. He’s always been able to find them, and he’s found plenty this primary season. Let’s hope the country realizes him for the con artist he is before it’s too late, unlike the victims of Trump University.


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