Semi-Retired President Unsuccessfully Trolls Congress

President Obama has released a new plan to close Guantanamo Bay. No, wait, that’s not 100% accurate – President Obama has just re-released the exact same plan to close Guantanamo Bay that he’s always had, and that he knows has no chance of passing, and has sent it off to Congress with another tiresome lecture, which the news media feels compelled to dutifully report as though it’s actually news.


Even Spencer Ackerman concedes that what Obama is doing here is pure, 100% political theater:

The plan, released on Tuesday in accordance with a congressional request, reiterates previous administration insistences on closing Guantánamo rather than proposing a long-elusive new option with the chance of breaking through more than seven years of GOP refusal on Capitol Hill.

Yawn. This is so boring I don’t think it’s even incumbent on Congress to respond.

Obama, expressing frustration at what has been for seven years a futile battle, again implored Congress to “go ahead and close this chapter”, portraying Guantanamo as “counterproductive to our fight against terrorists”.

You know what else is “counterproductive to our fight against terrorists”? Basically every foreign policy move the Obama administration has undertaken since taking office, including a precipitous withdrawal from Iraq, a feckless Libya strategy that has plunged the nation into chaos, an Egyptian strategy that hasn’t really worked out much better, and Obama’s compete inability to stop Vladimir Putin from doing literally anything he wants.


But yeah, Gitmo is the real problem here.

I can’t wait until this country has a President who’s interested in the job again.


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