What Was That Chris Christie Was Saying about "Pat Answers"?

You know, Saturday night’s debate was just the last piece of evidence in a pretty long string that Chris Christie is a fundamentally dishonest person. When you run for President, you have to give hundreds if not thousands of speeches over a very short time period. You get asked the same question – or variations on it – by hundreds of members of the media. You can’t give a different speech or a different answer to every group of people – no one can.


Every candidate develops “pat answers” to certain questions, and certain lines they think are clever or will get them news or coverage. Every single one. Especially Chris Christie. I have personally heard him refer to himself as “former federal prosecutor” or “U.S. Attorney after 9/11” over 50 times each in the last six months, at least.

Enter his dumb attack on Rubio Saturday night, which got him a lot of press because the Democrats in the press have a vested interest in knocking Rubio from contention, because the evidence is pretty compelling that he is the best general election candidate, whether you think he should win the primary or not. You would think that Chris Christie would realize that the press would follow him more closely after launching such an attack, and you would think he would be smart enough to avoid repeating himself over and over when asked about the very moment in the debate where he accused Rubio of repeating himself.

You would, however, be wrong.



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