Reports of High Turnout, Chaos in Iowa tonight

DES MOINES, IA – Reports are coming in from across the state of Iowa of high turnout, overflow lines, and caucus location chaos across the state. Apparently at more than one Des Moines Democrat location, the media was summarily ejected to make room for more Democrat caucus-goers. Meanwhile in the West Des Moines burbs, reports are coming in that the locations were simply not adequate to accommodate all would be caucus goers, leading to some of them leaving and going home.


The general assumption is that this benefits Trump, but it’s entirely possible that Cruz and Rubio supporters might be surprisingly energized as well. On the Dem side it is assumed that this probably favors Bernie, but again, it’s a little bit like reading the sheep entrails right now.

Entrance polls are filtering out and they show what we have suspected throughout the day – a very tight three way race between Trump, Cruz, and Rubio. Interestingly, Cruz only wins 26% of evangelicals in the entrance polls – if that figure is accurate, it will be difficult for him to win tonight, or even to beat Rubio for second place. Rubio pulls in a surprising 21% of evangelicals and is beating Cruz by a 2-to-1 margin among non-evangelicals, while Trump beats Cruz 3-1 among non-evangelicals.

Stay tuned, the first votes are just now filtering in.


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