Is Mike Huckabee Auditioning to be Trump's VP? (VIDEO)

When last we saw Mike Huckabee, he was reduced to appearing on the Todd Starnes podcast to explain why Iowa evangelical leaders had abandoned him. His explanation was delusional in its estimation of Mike Huckabee’s political prowess, and incredibly mean-spirited in its treatment of the evangelical community for daring to not support him.


Now, his campaign being even more obsolete than it was two weeks ago, Huckabee has been reduced to appearing on MSNBC and looking, for all the world, like a man auditioning to be Trump’s Vice Presidential pick. Take a look for yourself:

And if this seems like Mike Huckabee being just an “Aw, shucks” good old southern boy, remember how very thin that patina is. Huckabee is and always has been lightning quick to impute bad motives to his political enemies, so one assumes Huckabee thinks he has something else at play here.

Of course, from Trump’s perspective, picking Huckabee as his nominee would not make a lick of political sense, but I doubt that has factored into Huckabee’s thinking at all.


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