Ted Cruz Just Unloaded on Donald Trump

It appears that the bromance between Ted Cruz and Donald Trump is probably over for good. I mean, it was one thing to see Donald Trump openly attacking Cruz for days on end. We’ve seen that before, and never before had Cruz taken the bait. It appears that this method of dealing with Trump has finally reached its end in the Cruz campaign.


(CRUZ): I will say that it’s more than a little strange to see Donald relying on as authoritative a liberal, left-wing, judicial activist Harvard Law professor who is a huge Hillary supporter (Ed. note – Laurence Tribe). It starts to make you think, “Gosh, why are some of Hillary’s strongest supporters backing Trump?” You know, the last couple of elections the Democrats have gotten the nominee they wanted to run against in the general election. It seems the Hillary folks are very eager to support Donald Trump and the attacks that are being tossed my direction.

Welcome to the party, Ted Cruz. Better late than never to call Trump what he is.

I, for one, am glad that the prominent conservative personalities who have been pretending Trump is a conservative and talking about him positively to bolster their ratings, will finally have to choose between their wallet and their ideology (and credibility) in this battle between Trump and Cruz. It’s been a long time coming.


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