CNN Reporter Can't Believe Anyone Thinks Obama Wants to Take Their Guns (VIDEO)

Just now on Berman and Bolduan, CNN (who has been basically the PR arm of Obama’s anti-gun crusade) had on an awesome guest. His name is Mark Limoges and he is a New Hampshire gun shop owner who apparently gave a customized rifle to Donald Trump as a gift. Throughout the course of the entire interview, Limoges held a large rifle up in front of the camera. I don’t agree with Mr. Limoges on the merits of Donald Trump’s candidacy, but I like his style.


The interview was going along fine, with some basic human interest questions about the gun he gave Trump, and why he did it, and then this happened:

Rough transcript follows:

Bolduan: Do you think the President wants to.. is trying to take away your guns?

Limoges: I think it’s probably a first step towards it, yes.

Berman: [incredulous] Really??

Bolduan: Even though the President said…

Berman: [double plus incredulous now] I mean, really??

Bolduan: Yesterday in his speech, he said that his actions are not a plot to take away everybody’s guns?

Limoges: Right, but Mr. Obama has also said many things that, you know, have not always been the truth.

Berman: Look, but he says he respects the Second Amendment, and if you look at the actions he has taken, even the ones several years ago that were steeper than this. If you support universal background checks that doesn’t mean you want to take someone’s guns away. So, again.. you REALLY think that the President wants to take your guns away?

Gee, I wonder where people might get the idea that Obama would take everyone’s guns, if he could. Definitely it’s not the fact that every time they turn around, he is trying to bypass the will of the people or Congress in order to take people’s guns.


What really rankles here is the blatant dishonesty from CNN, which is the channel I prefer to watch for news, except when there is any sort of gun news going on. Whenever that happens, they flip the switch and become by FAR the most liberal network on TV, even worse than MSNBC. We have chronicled here at RedState just some of the rabid anti-gun crusade engaged in by virtually every television personality on CNN, and even tonight they are a) airing Obama’s anti-gun townhall and b) doing another special about guns in America.

For CNN to now come out and say, “Who, Obama? Take your guns?” is pretty galling, especially since it’s perfectly obvious that’s what they’d like for him to do.

At least MSNBC has the courage of their convictions when it comes to guns.


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