BREAKING: Los Angeles Schools Closed Due to Unverified, Unspecified Threat

Multiple news outlets are reporting that all 640,000+ students at Los Angeles County Schools are home from school due to an unspecified, unverified threat. According to school district personnel, they received an “electronic threat” (which could have been an email, tweet, text message, or other) – and immediately made the decision to close down school.


According to what officials just stated at the press conference, school department officials made this information before the threat had been verified by the LAPD or other law enforcement agencies. They also made the decision at a time when, by their admission, they knew that there would be kids who would be in the process of walking to school.

Obviously, this is going to cause tremendous chaos throughout the city of Los Angeles as parents and students will have to scramble to make arrangements for their children, most especially those who were in transit to the school when it happened.

It’s far too early to know the details of what the school district received but this does not have the hallmarks of a serious threat, just from the information that has been released. An actual terrorist or gunman would not email ahead a warning that he was coming to shoot up some kids today. This seems, quite obviously, to be more along the lines of a kid who wanted the day off from school and decided to engage in a prank.


I could be wrong, but it would seem that common sense would dictate that what’s occurring today is a gross overreaction, and is a continuation of the liberal’s plan to win the gun control war by trying to make people feel like they are in a demilitarized zone. We’ll see what further developments are around the bend.


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