BREAKING: Geneva Faces "Specific" Terror Threat, Possibly Involving Paris Attacker

Multiple news outlets are now reporting that the city of Geneva in Switzerland is under high security alert, in that they are facing a “specific” – not general – terror threat. Initial reports are that  Swiss authorities have obtained information that a group of possibly five ISIS terrorists are planning a terror attack in Geneva.


Interestingly, one of the potential attackers is thought to be one of ISIS’ main recruiters, who may have recruited one of the attackers at the Bataclan Theater in Paris:


ISIS clearly has advanced the ability to project terror attacks into Europe and the rest of the West to a much higher degree than Al Qaeda ever could. They haven’t yet pulled off any single act as devastating as 9/11, but they are capable of keeping themselves and their cause in a much higher profile due to their ability to regularly mount planned attacks in the West.



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