BREAKING Developments in the San Bernardino Shooting

The San Bernardino PD (represented by Chief Jarrod Burguan) FBI (David Bowdich) and County Sheriff’s just held a joint press conference that included a number of breaking developments that will change the way this story develops. Stated briefly, here is new and relevant information that the police have thus far uncovered:

  • Per the FBI, Farook had indeed traveled abroad, and returned to the United States in July 2014. They do not know all the countries he visited, but they know at least Pakistan was on the list of visited countries, as well as Saudi Arabia. They have evidence that Farook was radicalized at some point and had been involved with known overseas terrorists.
  • Farook was an American citizen, and his wife was here legally on a valid K1 (fiancee) visa.
  • They suspected Farook based on a tip they received from one of his coworkers who reported erratic behavior at the holiday party at work. They found out that Farook had rented a black SUV that matched the description of the one owned by the shooters. Following that lead led them to Farook.
  • A search of Farook’s house found extensive explosive materials (including materials for 12 pipe bombs), thousands of rounds of ammunition of various types, and evidence of extensive planning.
  • All four of the guns involved in the shooting were legally purchased – the two handguns were purchased by Farook, but the two rifles were not purchased by Farook. They haven’t disclosed who the purchaser was or what the connection to Farook might have been.
  • The police initially held a third suspect on suspicion that they were involved in the shooting of the SB police officer during the standoff; however, they determined that individual was not involved in the shooting and discharged them after booking them on a misdemeanor warrant.
  • They are still investigating the existence of other possible co-conspirators.
  • They cannot confirm that the attackers used GoPro cameras, or any other cameras, as has been previously reported.
  • They have been in contact with some of Farook’s family members, who have been cooperative and participated in interviews.

Still a lot of questions to answer, but as Chief Burguan himself said, it’s increasingly evident that this guy did not just get mad at his holiday party and then go home to get some guns to shoot it up. This was clearly a planned and coordinated attack, that appears to have been financed by an outside source. To what end, and for what purpose, and why this location specifically was targeted, we do not yet know.


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