After the Storm: The Miraculous Recovery of the New Orleans Education System (VIDEO)

After the storm

This weekend was the tenth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, which provided the media with many gleeful opportunities to mock the Bush administration for its handling of Katrina. Some of the more thoughtful news segments focused on the rebuilding of New Orleans since Katrina – what has worked and what hasn’t. Almost all of them touched at least in passing on the miraculous rebirth of the education system in New Orleans, which has been driven by a charter school system like the one Democrats have been blocking in DC for years.


The media, of course, leaned heavily on footage from aggrieved teachers’ union stooges who complained about the NOLA school system reforms; however, they were forced to concede one inevitable fact: by every objective measure, the charter school system implemented in New Orleans works and has vastly improved the New Orleans school system, which was one of the very worst in the whole country pre-Katrina.

Our own Ben Howe has created a documentary on these revolutionary reforms and their successes. Take a look here: the whole thing is worth a watch:



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