Jeb Bush is Not Ready for Prime Time

Jeb Bush Speaks At The Reagan Library About His New Book

Way back when the Scott Walker campaign was first getting going and was stealing a not inconsiderable amount of momentum from the Jeb Inevitability Tour, he took a trip to England as part of his actual job as governor of Wisconsin. While there, he was asked a stupid and pointless question about evolution, which he refused to answer on the grounds that it was irrelevant to what he was there to do, which was to bring jobs back home to Wisconsin. His refusal to answer this pointless and inane question was declared by numerous weak kneed and entirely anonymous Serious Republicans as evidence that Scott Walker was Not Ready for Prime Time.


Following up on that, Walker likewise refused to answer whether he agreed with Rudy Giuliani that Obama was not brought up to love America, reasoning that Giuliani was a big boy who could answer for himself and moreover that the question was stupid and irrelevant to the American people. And again, the Anonymous Serious Republican caucus, who have been anonymously in the tank for Jeb Bush since day 1, declared that this was yet more evidence that, gosh, Scott Walker sure is a great guy but he’s Not Ready for Prime Time. You know, like Jeb Bush is.

So today, Mr. Ready for Prime Time Jeb Bush was asked a question. This question was directly relevant to the job of being President as it concerned a pressing matter of foreign policy. Moreover, the question cannot have been a surprise, since the subject matter has been literally the hottest news topic in the country for the last two months. Jeb’s answer…. well, I’ll let it speak for itself.



HT (@AllahPundit) Look. You can argue that someone who is running for President ought to have a canned response ready to the stupid and inane questions the media is going to ask every Republican in order to try to trip them up. The question of whether Scott Walker believes in evolution or not is completely irrelevant to how he would perform the job of President, as is the question of whether he thinks Obama loves America or not.

But if you’re going to suggest that his refusal to answer these questions – or that his decision to answer them with, essentially, “I don’t know,” shows that he is Not Ready for Prime Time and therefore can’t be trusted as the nominee to handle the media right, then this answer on the part of Jeb Bush ought to put the nail officially in his coffin as a candidate.

Moreover, if he can’t bring himself to have formulated an opinion by now on the question of regime change in Iran when Iran has completely dominated the headlines for two weeks then I have to question the seriousness with which he is even running. I mean, that’s not just incompetent, it’s lazy.


Every person who has ever suggested that Scott Walker is Not Ready for Prime Time ought to be laughed off a stage from this point forward if they suggest Jeb Bush as the candidate of Serious Republicans. Because clearly, he isn’t.


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