Republican Budget Deal Spits in the Face of Voter Anger

t1largPoll after poll going in to the election showed the same thing about voter attitudes: they disliked the Democrats, they disliked the Republicans as much or more, but they were angry about the way things were being done in Washington and wanted to send a message. The Republicans ran on virtually nothing in the way of an agenda and therefore can claim almost no mandate to do anything other than throw the brakes on what the Democrats have been trying to accomplish in the last six years.


The House “compromise” budget in which the Republicans give Democrats everything they want in exchange for reforms that favor Wall Street (which is still virtually the least popular institution in America, not to mention the fact that the majority of Wall Street has been bankrolling the Democrats for the last decade) is a deliberate slap in the face of the sentiment that brought them to power. Literally no one who voted for Republicans did so in order for them to vote to fund the government all the way through virtually half of their term in power just so Dodd-Frank could be tweaked, and Obama’s executive amnesty could go forward.

You can tell how complete Boehner’s capitulation is by the fact that Democrats are willingly going along with the farce that this is a Republican principles bill while admitting that their votes are necessary to save the bill. After the last six years, if this bill was anything that was even slightly objectionable to Democrats, you know good and well that they would take literally any opportunity they could to hold the line and vote against it and try to provoke a shutdown fight. Instead they are sending out a couple safe Dems to mount token public opposition for their base while (not very subtly) smiling that for the next year the Republicans will not be able to provoke budget fights over anything including a meaningful fight over Obama’s wildly unpopular executive amnesty. Not to mention the fact that House Republicans have shredded the last vestiges of their credibility on transparency and “reading the bill” by forcing this 2,000 page abomination through at the least minute.


Everyone right now seems to be enjoying the furor over Jonathan Gruber being raked over the coals about the very obvious fact that the Obama administration lied to the American public about what was in Obamacare. It is just difficult for me to mount much sympathetic outrage when many of the same Congresspersons who are bravely asking scripted questions of Gruber are going to turn around and vote a bill that they can’t possibly have read and which will cost about as much as Obamacare when it’s all said and done.

The American people weren’t angry last month about the lack of show trials for Obamacare architects. They were angry about the self-serving crap the Democrats have pulled for the last six years and that the Republicans appear poised to do all over again. And if this is their planned M.O. for the next 2 years, they deserve the drubbing they will certainly get in 2016.


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