Thad Cochran Admits Personal Responsibility For Destruction of McDaniel Campaign Signs

Recall that for weeks, the desperate Thad Cochran campaign and their increasingly shrill surrogates found that no connection between the misguided supporters responsible for the nursing home break in and McDaniel himself to merit trumpeting from the hilltops. The three McDaniel supporters were without question not employees of the campaign, had never been paid by the campaign, and did not even have official titles. In addition, the McDaniel campaign immediately and forcefully condemned their actions. In their desperation, however, Cochran lickspittles like Brad Dayspring rushed out and breathlessly reported such astonishing and damning facts as the fact that the three arrested persons had liked the McDaniel for Senate Facebook page, that they followed McDaniel on twitter (and in some cases were followed in return), that they had volunteered for McDaniel and thus (unsurprisingly) had been photographed with McDaniel. Eventually, Cochran himself groused aloud about McDaniel’s possible involvement in the break in.


By this standard, Thad Cochran must surely admit that he is personally responsible for these criminal acts committed by one of his paid staffers:

BILOXI, Mississippi — A staffer for Sen. Thad Cochran’s (R-MS) re-election campaign was fired after he was arrested and accused by police of stealing campaign signs for Cochran’s primary opponent, state senator Chris McDaniel.

Lee Ellis Blair, a member of the DeSoto County GOP executive committee and Cochran campaign staffer, was arrested late Sunday and charged with “malicious mischief,” according to a partially redacted copy of the police report provided to Breitbart News.

The Cochran campaign announced that they have fired the campaign staffer in question, and issued the following hilarious statement: ““He’s fired. Unlike Chris McDaniel, we don’t tolerate that type of behavior,” said Cochran’s spokesman, Jordan Russell, in an email.” Missing, of course, is any factual suggestion that any Chris McDaniel staffer has been involved in “that type of behavior” at all, or that McDaniel has kept any such staffer on his payroll after news of it got out. This is just rank fabulism thrown against the wall I guess in the hopes that no one will notice that Chris McDaniel has never been accused of such a thing by anyone without a paid interest in reporting it before.


The sooner this farce of a campaign run by Thad Cochran is over, the better; the people of Mississippi deserve better representation than someone directly responsible for such criminal mischief. Debbie Stabenow, Thad Cochran



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