Why Do People Keep Asking Newt Gingrich About Meghan McCain's Drivel?

I have a serious question: Why do people keep asking Newt Gingrich about the latest dumb thing that has fallen out of Meghan McCain’s mouth? Politico notices that Newt has zinged McCain yet again over her latest ridiculous criticism of his candidacy. This time, it was Laura Ingraham confronting Newt with McCain’s claim that Callista is “icy” and doing damage to his campaign. By my count, this is the fourth or fifth time a major media figure has thrust a microphone in front of Newt and asked him his opinion of something Meghan McCain has said.


Am I the only one who sees what is wrong with this picture? Literally the only substantive thing Meghan McCain has ever done was to be the campaign blogger for the John McCain campaign. Lest you did notice the similarity in surnames, it has been suggested at least a few times that she only got this job due to nepotism – but that is probably only because there is literally no one on earth who thinks she is even a decent writer. Now, lots of people have gotten jobs they didn’t deserve because their rich dad ran the company but it takes a special kind of no-count person to get fired from such a job – and Meghan McCain is exactly that kind of no-count person. And whatever you think of Newt, the guy is the former Speaker of the House, New York Times bestselling author several times over and current Presidential frontrunner. Why does Meghan McCain’s opinion of him matter to anyone other than the latest person to be suckered into giving her a paycheck?

Look, it would be different if she had something insightful or even self-aware to say about Newt. But she doesn’t. She calls Callista “icy” which is rich given that she spent a significant part of her book defending her own mother from the same charge on the basis that people who didn’t know her shouldn’t have made the claim. She calls Newt a “moralless (sic) scumbag” because he cheated on his wives, which is rich given that the only reason she exists is because her dad cheated on his crippled wife with her mom. She says Gingrich can’t beat Obama because he served in Congress a long time and had ethical issues while he served – ignoring that her dad served in Congress longer than Newt did and was one of the Keating Five. In other words, nothing she says has any worth or merit whatsoever. So why are we constantly treated to this spectacle? Are we seriously at the point where we have exhausted everything else that Newt might be asked about so that this is good media material?



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