Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste: Marxists Blame Capitalism (and America) For Sandy Hook Massacre

As though the tragedy of the Sandy Hook massacre–where a lone psychopath killed nearly 30 people–couldn’t take any more twisted turns, the Marxists at Workers World are bizarrely blaming America and capitalism for Adam Lanza’s rampage.


In a long, rambling post on the Workers World website, Marxist writer Larry Hales doesn’t bother stopping at the more popular Left-wing arguments for gun control.

Rather, the Marxist shrugs off the gun control argument and the psychopathic actions of the rather affluent lunatic behind the trigger and, instead, places the blame on America and the economic system writ large.

Following his indictment of the National Rifle Association and the Gun Owners of America, Hales takes aim at corporations like Sturm Ruger, Smitch & Wesson, as well as General Electric, General Dynamics, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin “or the other corporations that receive tens of billions of dollars per year from the federal government.”

Then, Hales goes full anti-America tilt [Emphasis added.]:

The gun culture is more than that, though. The U.S. was built from seized land, land that was taken from the original inhabitants, who were then massacred — children, women and men. Whole nations were disappeared, killed by guns, knives and an early form of biological warfare, where diseased materials were used to introduce foreign illnesses to Indigenous peoples.

Slavery was maintained by the gun and brutal violence that saw the rise of the first standardized police force, the slave catchers. To this day, it has been violence that has maintained U.S. political and economic hegemony over most of the world.


Not stopping with blaming American history, Marx’s minion goes on to blame capitalism for nearly all of the world’s ills.

Is this what it all boils down to? Gun control? Is the heart of the issue that the young man had access to numerous firearms? Or is it something deeper? What would drive someone so young to commit such a heinous act?

The underlying causes of such an act spring from the fundamental contradictions of modern society at this juncture in history and the political economy of the U.S. in particular. The politics and superstructure are formed by the economic base. Also, we must point out the sheer hypocrisy in the narrative of the mainstream media and of the politicians who turn out to express grief with the suffering families.


The only way to begin to address a tragedy like the massacre at Sandy Hook is to address the fundamental problems that exist. In the final analysis, it is the capitalist system that is to blame. As long as it exists, the lives of children are at risk, whether it be from violence, starvation, neglect or disasters caused by global warming. It is all rooted in a system that has outlived its usefulness.

Unfortunately, for the idiots who subscribe to the economic theory proscribed by Worker’s World, Hales never once mentions atrocities committed under Marxism, such as:


In fact, Hales completely obfuscates any of Marxism’s responsibility for the mass killings under Communist regimes and all the other Left-Wing bloodbaths.

Instead, Marxists like Hales seem to believe that only in capitalist America do evil doers like Adam Lanza exist.

“Truth isn’t mean. It’s truth.”
Andrew Breitbart (1969-2012)


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