Hypocrite Harry Reid's High Horse Must've Kicked Him in the Head

With one hand firmly planted in union bosses’ pockets, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid got on his high horse in the Senate on Wednesday afternoon to hypocritically castigate Republicans for calling out the union fanatics at the National Labor Relations Board and their latest attack on Boeing free enterprise.


Here is Hypocrite Harry on the Senate Floor on Wednesday [via the Workforce Fairness Institute]


Unfortunately for Harry, where memories like his may fail, the internet does not.

You see, it wasn’t too long ago when Harry and his cronies in the capitol had their dander up over what they viewed as a pro-business NLRB and even went so far as to use (in his words) “retaliation and intimidation” against President Bush’s nominees:

Senate and House Democrats attacked the Republican-led National Labor Relations Board at a Congressional hearing on Thursday, saying its recent decisions had favored employers over workers.


The union movement’s discontent with the labor board has grown so intense that several hundred union sympathizers demonstrated in front of the board’s Washington headquarters last month, chanting that it should be “shut down for renovations.”

Labor leaders say they would be happy if the board did nothing until a Democrat was in the White House. In addition to the expiration of Mr. Battista’s term Sunday, the appointments of two other members end later this month when the Congressional session ends.

An aide to the Senate majority leader, Harry Reid, said the senator was considering holding pro forma sessions of the Senate to prevent President Bush from renaming Mr. Battista as a recess appointment.


Before Harry the Hypocrite blindly blusters about politicizing the NLRB, he’d better look in the mirror first, because he may not like the truth that stares back at him.

Harry may have forgotten, but many have not, that it was Harry that hobbled the NLRB for political purposes just a few years ago.

Hey! Here’s a flashback, Harry: House, Senate Democrats Press Labor Board on Recent Rulings

Democrats are upset with recent National Labor Relations Board rulings they believe are curtailing unionization and collective bargaining.


“I bring reason to your ears, and, in language as plain as ABC, hold up truth to your eyes.” Thomas Paine, December 23, 1776


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