A Friday Evening in NJ: Guess Which One of These Three Stooges Has a PhD...

[UPDATED at bottom]

In case you missed it, Friday was “Tax Day” (although you actually have until Monday to get your taxes in without filing an extension). As has been the case since Barack Obama’s first year in office, Americans peaceably assembled in different parts of the country to show their indignation at a bloated bureaucratic behemoth at various Tea Party rallies.


In Hackensack, NJ,  the New Jersey Tea Party Coalition had a rally in the early evening. Although the never-ending winter reared its ugly head again on Friday, considering the chill in the air, it was really good to see the enthusiasm there. While I spoke for a few minutes (mainly about the fight we’re in and precinct activism), the other speakers were simply outstanding.

There were, however, a couple of troublemakers (allegedly with the DNC) in the crowd who were apparently there only to agitate and escalate. Before things got out of hand, police were called over and the two were shooed away to the rear of the rally but not before telling one African-American Tea Partier that she was a “traitor” to her race.

Across the street, however, there were the three stooges—three protesters who were actually quite comical in appearance and personality. A few of us ventured over to them, and there was a non-acrimonious exchange of almost-friendly insults.

From the Right: Obama sucks worse than Carter did.

From the Lefties: Yeah, Well, I hated Carter anyway….But the Right wants to give all the money to the rich and bust unions.


[Though the language was a little more salty from the Lefties, you get the picture.]

It seems as though everyone accepted the fact that they were on opposite sides of the political divide and were just lobbying insults at each other because…Well, it’s Friday night and it’s New Jersey.

By their double-sided signs (most of which you’ll find offensive) and physical appearance, you can see the nature of the opposition here. However, one somewhat humorous point is that one of the three stooges claimed to be a PhD—a professor, in fact—at Gibbs College. Unfortunately, his claim to be a PhD can’t be verified, as Gibbs College appears to be closed (I think I know the reason).

Nevertheless, take a look at the pictures below and see if you can pick out the PhD.

[Leave a comment below with your pick (and why) and this post will get updated toward the end of the day to let you know which one made the PhD claim.]

Meet “Curly”…

Meet “Larry” (with “Curly”)…

Meet “Just Bob”…

A couple more of their signs…


“Curly” seemed to have more signs than he could hold…

The Left’s “New Tone”…


Don’t forget: Leave your PhD candidate (and why) in the comments below

UPDATE: If you are one of the ones that picked “Just Bob,” you are correct. “Bob” proudly proclaimed to be a PhD. He also, by the way, was the most angry out of the three.


“I bring reason to your ears, and, in language as plain as ABC, hold up truth to your eyes.” Thomas Paine, December 23, 1776


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