Turning the Lights On #2: Tim Walz & Nancy Pelosi's NRA Endorsements

By now, you’ve probably heard that the NRA has endorsed Nancy Pelosi*


[*Okay, so the NRA hasn’t officially endorsed Pelosi, but it’s leaders seem just fine with signing a Devil’s Pact with her.]


Having been a NRA member off and on for many years, like many, I too was a believer that the venerable gun-rights group was a firm defender in America’s Bill of Rightsall ten of them. At least that’s what I believed until recently. As it turns out, though, save the 2nd Amendment, the NRA no longer seems to care about the rest of the Bill of Rights at all.

Especially troubling about today’s NRA is that fact that the organization has endorsed so many big-government Democrats in so many races, that gun owners might actually still take the NRA’s endorsement seriously.  This is especially the case when the NRA endorses certain Democrats who, like Nancy Pelosi, would just as soon use the Constitution as a piece of Charmin, as opposed to the guiding principles to which our nation should be governed.

Here’s a case in point:

Tim Walz, a member of the Democratic Farm-Labor Party, is finishing his second term as a Congressman in Minnesota.  It should be his last term.

Although Walz has gotten an endorsement from the NRA because of his “A” rating, his opponent Randy Demmer is also “A” rated by the NRA.  Therefore, but for the NRA’s foolhardy “pro-incumbent” policy, the NRA’s endorsement is useless and, in fact, it’s further evidence that Charlton Heston’s NRA (at least under its current leadership) is now only an empty shell casing.

Since his 2006 election, Walz has proven himself to be nothing more than a minion of Nancy Pelosi and the NEA/AFL-CIO/SEIU triumverant—another socialist progressive stooge out to give gifts to his union bosses. In four short years, his donor sheet looks like the who’s who of union contributors, he’s taken in over $687,000 by Big Labor and another $400,000 from lawyers.  And their money to Walz has paid off.

In the three years he’s been in Washington, Walz has voted to:

  • Effectively eliminate workers’ right to choose union representation through a secret-ballot (EFCA)
  • Give the government the ability to mandate union contracts on workers and employers (EFCA)
  • Federalize states’ labor relations for public safety personnel
  • Give away $825 billion on Obama’s failed stimulus
  • Enact the economy-killing cap & trade
  • Give unions access to board rooms of publicly-held corporations
  • Eviscerate the First Amendment (DISCLOSE)
  • Nationalize America’s health care through ObamaCare

Having only been in Congress since 2007, Walz appears to be the quintessential big-government, big-spending, union-bought politician, that Americans have become tired of.

While I don’t know enough about the Gun Owners of America yet, it is interesting to note that (contrary to the more liberal-leaning NRA) the GOA has given Tim Walz a “D” rating.  Perhaps the GOA is looking at the other nine Amendments to the Constitution and realizes that a politician who is good on one Amendment, but despises freedom in so many other ways, isn’t all that he portrays himself to be?

On the other hand, Walz’ opponent, Randy Demmer seems to understand that America is at a cross-roads. The choice is clear.

As RedState’s own Luke Matthews pointed out a couple of weeks ago:

The people of the First District are, for the most part, regular Americans who like to do business with an honest face, like to hunt, fish, own a business, and go to church.  They don’t like sophisticated nitpickers who attempt to hornswoggle with a few well-selected words.  They want truth, honesty, integrity, and most of all jobs.

They got none of that.  I think they might take it out on someone.  I think that might be Tim Walz.

Can’t say for sure.  We will have to see the polls on that probably cold November night.  It will be a night when people from Luverne, Windom, Trimont, Albert Lea, Waseca, and Blue Earth go to the polls and decide if they can trust someone like Pelosi’s man, Tim Walz, or a new face by the name of Randy Demmer.  They will have to decide if it is worth the risk, or if it needs to be done.  We will see.  But if the evidence so far has any credibility whatsoever, Tim Walz will be packing his bags and applying for a lobbyist job with the National Education Association and Randy Demmer will be leaving his farm and flying to Washington.

To help Randy Demmer beat Nancy Pelosi Tim Walz, go here.


“I bring reason to your ears, and, in language as plain as ABC, hold up truth to your eyes.”Thomas Paine, December 23, 1776

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