Exchanging the Truth for a Lie

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Hollywood likes to tell us the biggest question of humanity is “Are we alone out here?”

I disagree. While our natural drive to explore beyond our own atmosphere is motivated by that question, it is not the question that has always plagued humanity. The question is not “Are we alone out here?” The question is:


Who am I?

It is primordial programming, etched on our hearts at birth, and asked over and over again from the moment we learn to recognize our images in mirrors until the moment of our death. We spend our entire lives finding ourselves, losing ourselves, finding ourselves again. Time is a thoughtless mistress and she never lets us get comfortable. Just when we think we’ve found a comfortable spot to land in our identity, the clock lurches forward and kids leave home and our marriages change and our bodies decay and our bank accounts look different and we’re back to asking, “Who am I…now?”

It’s a good question, and one that has traditionally been answered by digging at our roots, exploring the immutable factors that guide our lives to inform us of who we are in any given moment. It is a question only answered by understanding those roots under your feet, and the canopy they grow into over your head.

“I am a matriarch.”

“I am an American.”

“I am family-man.”

“I am a child of God.”

The question of who we are has mostly been answered by looking to who we were created to be.

Then, in the West, we gave God the boot from the intellectual square, and since then all hell has broken loose. Literally.

The roots of faith, national pride and family have been pulled up for more than a few generations at this point, and we are left with far too many fragile, confused Americans who think their identity is in who they have sex with, or what gender they can force people to see them as. It is a shallow, perverted answer to a very deep question, but it was inevitable. There is nothing solid for many people to stand on anymore, and yet we are still plagued with that universal, timeless question…Who am I?


When the gender ideology movement first started making noticeable inroads into our schools, I told my children often, “You don’t have to make up an identity to be special. You are a Davis, and we are a family that belongs to God. Your identity is based in this family and the God we serve.” Now that they’re older, when my children are struggling with direction, I remind them to look to whom they belong, and start their search from there.

Unfortunately, they are surrounded by a generation that has been told to search everywhere for themselves except the places that matter, and so with no direction and a worldview that openly and joyfully mocks God, they look inward. But the heart is wicked, and there lies lies…so many lies about ourselves.

The thing is, we must ask the question. We are programmed to ask the question. The question is as necessary to our survival as our lungs or our hearts. It will be answered one way or another, and sadly, for many lost and anxious Americans, the truth of their creation has been exchanged for the lies of their hearts. This is what happens when we separate society from purpose. It is impossible to separate ourselves from the question, and so if we insist on rejecting the truthful answers to the question, the weakest among us will simply replace that truth with lies that tickle ears while destroying hearts.

It’s biblical.


They exchanged the truth about God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator—who is forever praised. Amen. Romans 1:25

We have spent the last few generations ripping to shreds the notions of marriage, the nuclear family, fatherhood, patriotism, faith and righteousness, yet the question could never be defeated, so those confused generations have now begun to worship the creation while smiting the Creator. They have exchanged the truth of their purpose for the lie of dangerous ideologies that tell them they can be fulfilled and happy by following their hearts – the same hearts that tell us we are ugly, stupid, unloveable, and a whole host of negative things.

We all have those voices in our minds, because they come from our wicked, lying hearts. If humans were mostly consumed with good thoughts about themselves we wouldn’t have a billion-dollar self-help industry.

The proof of our dark hearts is in the constant and increasingly violent demands of the “gender-fluid” that the rest of us validate their identity. They have no roots, and so they float without direction, imagining that coercing others into validating their self-image will provide some sort of anchor. In reality, they have traded those anchors for a child’s sketch of an anchor. They are asking for the impossible – to find their purpose in the worship of their created bodies, rather than in the One who created those bodies.


There is nothing new under the sun. That’s biblical too, and I find it comforting. There are those words, from Romans, written thousands of years ago and yet still so sharply relevant. Humans without God are wont to trade the hard truths for easy lies.

My friend Pastor Darrell B. Harrison bolstered this assertion in a Twitter post quoting the great evangelizer and pastor Charles H. Spurgeon, all the way back in June of 1879.

“Some minds are like stained glass windows: they shut out much of the light, and the little light that does struggle through, they color after their own manner.”

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