Majority-Black Chicago Community of Woodlawn Protesting City's Plan for Migrant Shelter in Their Neighborhood


A community on Chicago’s south side is protesting the city’s decision to plant a “migrant shelter” at an abandoned school there.

The community of Woodlawn is majority black, and residents are saying their community is already overwhelmed with issues ranging from crime to being flooded with illegal drugs. They are calling for Mayor Lori Lightfoot to relocate the illegal immigrants, most of whom are presumed to be from South America, to Latino-majority areas of the city. In particular, Little Village, which is a largely Mexican community.


One woman told the press her community does not think they are being hateful in the request, but rather, they are defending the neighborhood they love.

“I am here because I am a child of Woodlawn. I was born and raised in Woodlawn. And I am speaking on behalf of the people that are here and the ones that’s not here…We are very disappointed in this decision that Mayor Lightfoot has made to place these migrants in our community without our permission,” one woman told reporters.

“Please withdraw your decision to put the migrants in our community. There’s plenty of room in Little Village for their people. Please, speak to Little Village and take them over there. We are not hating on anyone but we’re loving on Woodlawn,” she added.

The woman said the neighborhood is already struggling with the scourge of fentanyl and “we don’t need anything else to add to the struggles we already have.”

The Lightfoot administration had originally told Woodlawn residents they would not be commandeering the abandoned school for housing illegal immigrants, but eventually reversed that promise, saying other facilities were at capacity. The issue of the border crisis and where to house the millions of people streaming into the country illegally has become a national issue, thanks in part to the efforts of some border state governors who are refusing to bear the burden alone.


Texas Governor Greg Abbott has sent over 300 buses of illegal immigrants to Chicago, and Democrat Colorado Governor Jared Polis has also sent illegals to Chicago and other blue cities across the country. Florida’s Governor DeSantis infamously sent a group of illegals up to the wealthy paradise of Martha’s Vineyard, a move he was roundly criticized for.

The border crisis grows more dire every day, and the Biden Administration has so grossly miscalculated this flood of illegal immigrants, that local authorities in their own party are beginning to rebel. Their ignorance has illuminated how out of touch they are with their own base, particularly in minority communities.

Black Americans in majority-black communities have a very tenuous relationship with the illegal immigrant community. Oftentimes, they see the efforts the government goes to in order to make the lives of those illegals comfortable, while black concerns go ignored, and crime-afflicted areas like the south side of Chicago continue to be used for photo ops, but are offered no solutions by the “party of diversity.”

The President is scheduled to visit the border for the first time, in El Paso this weekend. Migrant encampments are being cleared out ahead of his visit. Woodlawn, El Paso, and other communities like them will continue to bear the costly burden of our broken border policy, until the Democrat party is forced to be held to account for their atrocious border policies…or lack thereof, as it were.



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