The Truth Matters: An Interview With Andy Ngo

Andy Ngo

Andy Ngo is known by the extreme left as a “provocateur.” Among saner folks, he is known as a dogged reporter and hoax buster. Ngo’s work uncovering the violent plans and shady underpinnings of Antifa became infamous during the riots and disruptions of the summer of 2020.


The Editor-at-Large for The Post-Millennial has put life and limb at risk – literally – to report the truth behind domestic terrorist groups like Antifa that pose as protest groups. He has been violently attacked more than once in the execution of his job as a journalist. Seattle and Portland law enforcement have been less than forthcoming in investigating and prosecuting those attacks, and Ngo continues to be targeted by violent actors who seek his physical demise.

At TPUSA’s AmFest last week, I had the opportunity to sit down with Ngo and ask him about some of his experiences covering groups like Antifa. I asked him if he saw any connections between Antifa and the Occupy Democrats protests of the 2010s. He explained that Occupy was definitely a training ground for Antifa terrorists, laying out some of the tactics that had recently been perfected.

In closing, I asked Ngo how he found the motivation to keep doing a job that his put his life in danger, and has driven him from his home to live “underground” and out of the reach of domestic terrorist groups that have put a price on his head. Isn’t he bitter? Isn’t he angry? Doesn’t he just want to quit?


He admitted that it was hard to stay positive and yes, bitterness does follow him. But he also told me he does this work because his job is to tell the truth, and he believes in the truth, above all else.

The truth, indeed, must be our ideal; and few people are greeted with kindness when they arrive to deliver the truth. “Truth hurts” is a cliche for a reason.

Take a few minutes to watch Ngo’s description of his work, and why he does it. If you’re on social media, give him a shoutout and let him know that his work matters. He’s one of a very few people who do this level of investigative work.

Ngo’s book, “Antifa Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy” is available on Amazon wherever books are sold.


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