They Hate Us Because We Don't Need Them

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The hateful slurs and edicts that have come vomiting out of the mouths of progressive left-wing media talking heads lately has truly sunk to new lows.

I started my career during the Obama administration. There certainly was no shortage of insults and vitriol coming from the left, particularly aimed at black conservatives like me. It just came with the territory. We accepted it as the cost of battle and the late, great Andrew Breitbart taught us how to embrace it and even laugh about it. We were happy warriors.


The progressive legacy media never did take too kindly to the rise of conservative media, understandably but it rarely felt dangerous. More like…temper tantrums.

But what has been happening in progressive circles since Trump was elected is increasingly disturbing. Trump rocked their world. He was a complete outsider who wasn’t even supposed to be a serious player in the game, let alone the winner. It was too dangerous to have an outsider in the White House who wouldn’t respect the hierarchy and rules of Capitol Hill life. He had to go, and they spent four years doing everything in their power to make sure he would.

You’d think they’d be happy that they won. They got their guy. Even though Joe Biden is the strangest and saddest President I’ve ever experienced in my lifetime, the point remains…he’s their guy. Why don’t they seem happy?

Instead the progressive left has ramped up censorship and raised the flame underneath political discourse to near unbearable levels. Their figureheads- people like Joy Reid and AOC – go on tv and accuse conservative voters of being murderers, white supremacists, baby Hitlers. They have no ability to view their ideological opponents as humans anymore. Even the reasonable conservative pundits that they used to like are still the victims of their hate speech, because these days it isn’t about what you said and what your words and actions can prove about you. It’s about nothing more than the vote you cast.


The progressive left has decided that anyone who isn’t them is the enemy, and therefore the enemy must be eliminated by any means necessary.

Their preferred means is silence. The goal of the progressive left is to make sure we can’t participate in the public conversation, our ideas can’t be heard, our opinions can’t be considered. They truly believe that if they make the mouthpieces of conservatism go away that they’ll magically “solve” the problem of conservatives.

After all, you idiots are just little robots with no thoughts of your own! If we weren’t here to feed you your ideas you would simply stop thinking.

Obviously I’m being sarcastic, but that’s actually how the left views their own, and they project it onto us. They can’t defend their ideas. The only way to be influential is to force competing ideas out of the market.

Let’s face it. The real problem progressive leftists have with the right is that we don’t need them anymore.

They aren’t the gatekeepers of information and communication anymore and it really burns their gluten-free buns. They can’t stand that no matter what they try, we keep making end-runs around their stupid, childish barriers.

The progressive left have turned pundits like Dan Bongino and Dave Rubin into tech moguls. Alternative social media sites are popping up here and there, and while they certainly don’t yet have the cache of a Twitter or Facebook, they are available as communication options for those who desire them.


It drives them crazy.

That’s why we should keep pushing back. We can’t get discouraged by their power. We have some of our own, we have options of our own and the weirder they get with their censorship, the more power brokers they will create on the right.

They hate us because we don’t need them.

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It’s our little piece of the rebellion.

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