Unsolicited Advice: Know Thy Enemy...So You Don't Look Like An Absolute Idiot

This week, noted historical genius Nikole Hannah-Jones (whom I seem to be unable to refer to as anything but Hannah for some reason) dropped a remarkable social media post. The Howard University professor and fictional history writer had a complaint about school choice, mainly that the people who keep blathering on about it never seem interested in erasing school boundaries that could allow minority students to go to school in wealthy, white areas.

The ignorance was stunning. But equally stunning was that even in the face of hundreds and hundreds of responses trying to educate her on the issue, Hannah-Jones not only dug in, she doubled-down. Every “clever” comeback was yet another self-own, yet another unknowing case for school choice. But it didn’t matter how many people kept telling her that in fact everything she was asking for did indeed fall under the umbrella of school choice. Hannah-jones had made up her mind. School choice advocates just want everyone in segregated private schools and the proof be damned.

Truth be told it was exceedingly hilarious. At one point she asked Billy Binion from Reason if he could point to any articles he’d written on eliminating districting so students could cross boundaries freely. When hundreds of people shared multiple articles her only response was that none of those articles were from Binion himself (although he happily provided his own as well).

Not much shocks me these days and I’ve read Hannah-Jones’ work. It’s not that impressive. Nor is she to hear her speak aloud. I understand that in the world of liberal academia it’s not always the best and brightest who rise to the top and that means sometimes the “smartest people in the room” can say the dumbest things.

However, I was truly flabbergasted by the scope of her ignorance. If you’re going to spend a huge portion of your time hating people for their ideology and issue, you should at least know what their ideology and issues are.

How can you be so firmly against an issue like school choice and yet be so ignorant as to what school choice actually is that you inadvertently make the case for the very thing you claim to be against?

So here’s some free advice for Nikole Hannah-Jones and anyone else out there who may be cocksure about their hate for an issue while simultaneously having no idea what your perceived opposition on said issue believes.

Educate yourself. Know your enemy. If you claim to be a warrior for social justice, then make even the tiniest effort to know the talking points and beliefs of the people you call enemies. Read a book…hell, just read a blog. Watch a YouTube video. Read some talking points. Or – and I know this sounds crazy – actually talk to someone.

The CNN chyrons cannot be your main source of information. If you ever expect to make progress in your cause, then come with the tools of persuasion. One important tool of persuasion is to actually know what your opposition believes, so you can argue against it cogently. Otherwise you risk looking as idiotic as Hannah-Jones. You risk being that educated moron who actually makes the case for the belief of her enemies because you’re too uninformed to realize you actually believe the same thing.

At the very least it will help you from looking incredibly stupid.

Don’t be a Nikole Hannah-Jones. Inform yourself. You may be surprised.


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