London In Revolt: Brits Take to the Streets by the Tens of Thousands to Protest Latest Lockdowns

On Saturday the citizens of London came out in full force to protest COVID lockdowns, in the face of a new variant that may be making its way across Europe.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is under fire after delaying his nation’s full reopening. So-called ‘Freedom Day’ had been scheduled for June 21st, but Johnson retracted the date just days before, saying the Delta variant that has been ripping across other parts of the globe may become a threat — if the island nation were to let down its guard too soon.


Brits anxiously awaiting the ability to resume business were understandably upset, but received yet another slap in the face when a high-level official was caught in his very own “French Laundry” type scandal.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock has been a huge proponent of draconian lockdowns. The UK has been much more strict about lockdown enforcement than American officials are allowed to be in a constitutional republic. British citizens have not even been allowed to visit friends or family, with Hancock regularly delivering lectures about the irresponsibility of leaving home to socialize, as the country continues to battle COVID. But the final straw came for many when Hancock was caught visiting with and smooching his married mistress, in a clear violation of his own COVID restrictions.

On Saturday morning, tens of thousands of frustrated citizens took to the streets to protest continuing lockdowns, forced vaccinations, and the hypocrisy of their political elite. The protesters stopped at Downing Street to hurl insults and tennis balls, as they shouted for the arrest of Hancock, and freedom from mask mandates and lockdown insanity.


God bless the people of London, and all across the globe, who are no longer convinced the way to defeat this Chinese virus is to imprison responsible citizens and their economies, while only the elite are allowed to wine, dine, and travel. Our western governments can only do to us what we consent to.


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