CNN Proves They Can't Help Themselves in Ridiculous Take on 'Biden States' and Shots

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We at RedState often recount for readers tales of the unserious, despicable people who fill the anchor chairs and other roles at CNN, and their unserious, despicable words and actions.


One of those people working at Jeff Zucker’s cable news channel is an analyst named Harry Enten — but being CNN and all, the term ‘journalism’ is worn loosely there, much like a Muumuu or some drawstring, silk pajama bottoms. And there’s this unfortunate, recent report that it’s been a sad little while for the people in charge there, with the ratings tanking with no Trump to kick around anymore…but I digress

Enten’s new ‘analysis’ piece, published Saturday via CNN’s online platform, is just more of the same — vaccine virtue-signaling in the service of boosting the Biden Administration’s bread and circuses charade that Biden and Harris have done something miraculous to combat the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic for the American people. Of course, it’s done while insinuating that that President Donald Trump failed to do these same thing. Now, that’s being put out as a blatant attack on the deplorables who voted for Trump in red states, too, who want to kill Grandma with the COVID China flu, if CNN is reading the tea leaves right, that is.

Enten’s story and its attempt at deception starts with the dishonest, clickbait headline: “Most blue states will make Biden’s July 4 vaccine goal. The red ones won’t.”

That’s when he dives in head-first into the idiocy: (emphasis added)


The United States looks increasingly unlikely to reach President Joe Biden’s July 4 vaccine goal. We need at least 70% of all adults to have one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, and we’re on pace to have somewhere between 67% and 68%.

The overall picture masks, however, an underlying pattern: Nearly all of the states Biden won will make his goal, while all of the states he lost are unlikely to.

The vaccine partisan divide among adults is greater than ever currently. As of Thursday’s CDC report, 69.9% of adults in the average Biden-won state have received at least one dose, meaning those states have basically already reached Biden’s goal with more than a little over three weeks to go.

It continues:

Compare this to the states Biden lost and Donald Trump won, where an average 54.9% of adults have received at least one dose. The Trump-won states aren’t anywhere close to where the Biden-won states are. You’d have to go back more than a month for the Biden-won states to be averaging a vaccination rate as low as the Trump-won states.

I’m going to stop right at paragraph four, reader, to be kind to your brain cells, but feel free to investigate the rest of Enten’s yammerings yourself.

“President Joe Biden’s July 4 vaccine goal.” Remember that? On March 12, Biden told the American people and the assembled congresscritters and senators that we would be “allowed” to have barbeques and get togethers with our loved ones and friends on Independence Day — if we kept wearing our masks and got the WuFlu shots on offer, et cetera.


Another issue with this comparison between ‘Trump-won states’ and ‘Biden-won states’: more people in the latter probably felt compelled to rush out and get their shots, because their blue-state governors were keeping them under heel for month after month with quarantines and ridiculous restrictions like not serving alcohol after 10 p.m. — or not selling it at all on holidays. If you’re scared to death by your state and local officials that you won’t get to see your family again, unless you do X, Y, and Z, without complaint, you tend to do those things, after a time.

I was joking earlier, reader. I will share another part of the CNN piece. And it’s a wee bit of a problem, what with Enten’s dire prognostication that red state folks, who are not doing as they’re told, are about to ruin it for the rest of the kindergarten class.

You see, it is hidden, as we call it in real journalism, below the fold. (emphasis added)

Fortunately, the US currently has its lowest case and hospitalization rate since the beginning of the pandemic.

Unfortunately, the metrics may go in the wrong direction (as they are in the United Kingdom) as the more contagious and potentially more deadly variant first identified in India (i.e. Delta variant) continues to grow as a share of Covid-19 cases in America.

The vaccines work well on this variant. It seems at least possible that in the next few months, we could see a real divide in Covid-related illnesses between the more vaccinated blue states and less vaccinated red states.


So, we’re on pace to have the lowest rates of both cases and hospitalizations — exactly what Americans were told was the sure sign we were beating the virus? Praise be to God! And the vaccines more than half of citizens have taken should clobber the super-scary “variant”? Yay!

More good news here: Biden and co. are not going to be able shut us down again, like their socialist friends did with our neighbors to the north Canada, or in Europe, or even the site of the G-7 summit, the UK, where citizens just learned Saturday that they will stay in lockdown until July 19, according to a new Reuters report.

Nope, to the chagrin of the neo-Marxists, these United States actually still have a Bill of Rights and a republican form of government — to paraphrase Mr. Franklin, if we can keep it.


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