Kira Davis: If You're Terrified of White People With Guns, Then You Should Probably Buy a Gun

Kira Davis: If You're Terrified of White People With Guns, Then You Should Probably Buy a Gun
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Not even five minutes after the announcement of a mass shooting in progress in Boulder, Colorado, social media erupted into the blame game.

It would be hilarious if it weren’t so damn predictable and tragic.

Liberal pundits wasted no time in condemning all white gun owners as tools for white supremacy. Without a shred of evidence or reporting, they immediately pinned the horror on a white man with a gun. It was obvious pretty quickly that the man was not white — when the suspect was apprehended, the usual suspects in the media had not yet reported on his race, his social media posts, or his red hats.

We know the rest of the story but let’s back up for just a minute. Let’s suppose that the race mongers are right, and white people with guns are a huge threat in this country. Let’s suppose that every American who isn’t white is under extreme danger every single day from white people and their guns. Let’s suppose that a black woman like me should be terrified of white men with guns every time I step out of my house.

Let’s suppose all of that is indeed true.

Shouldn’t every non-white person own a gun?

The completely unsurprising response from the usual suspects is to draft more gun laws and limit access. But isn’t that just making it harder for minorities to protect ourselves from the scourge of white supremacists and their guns? Unless you’re going to repeal the Second Amendment and ban all guns, there doesn’t seem to be much logical point in preventing the oppressed from protecting themselves against the oppressor.

Of course, that is exactly what the left wants. They want to ban all guns, even though if you press any Left-wing pundit or politician they’ll tell you, “No one wants to ban guns, you moron!” This is a lie and it becomes quite obvious when you press the issue. Either they are telling me that as a black American I simply have to accept the fact that I will be shot by a white supremacist one day and no one will be able to protect me, or they are saying that the only way to protect myself is to help them ban all guns, since they are the tools I should most be afraid of in the hands of a white man. To tell me that the way to protect myself is to limit my own access to weapons as a law-abiding citizen covered by the Second Amendment is lunacy.

I’m under constant threat from white supremacists but progressives keep trying to make defending myself against such an attack illegal. It makes no sense.

If progressives want to repeal the Second Amendment then they need to have the courage to say that, and let’s have a healthy debate about it. We know they can’t say it because it is a losing issue. Despite what we see on social media, the majority of Americans support the Second Amendment, believe it to be vital to the First Amendment, and would never vote against it. Their hope is to legislate it to death. The only way they can do that is to be dishonest about the discussion.

So here’s a bit of advice for those of you out there cowering in fear from the terrible white man…

If you’re terrified of white people with guns then you should probably buy a gun.

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