Recalling Gavin Newsom Is Not Just Good for California, It's Good for America

AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez

There have been 54 recall attempts against California governors since 1913. Only one has been successful: the recall against Governor Gray Davis in 2003.

Governor Gavin Newsom is well on his way to becoming only the second successfully recalled Governor in California’s history. The sheer odds of a successful recall against a sitting Democrat are great enough to make anyone roll their eyes at the thought, and in any other period in history this most recent recall effort would be just another silly footnote in California’s whacky political history. However, as we know, this is not just any other time…this is 2020. Sure, it’s 2021…but is it really?

Up until this point, Newsom has been able to coast on his good looks and family ties. It’s not that crazy to suppose that in the land of Hollywood — where nepotism is common and looks matter more than substance — that a guy like Newsom could continue to be reelected despite growing unemployment, soaring homelessness and a trillion dollar pension liability. Californians have too many distractions to get bogged down in the details of what goes on with the “beautiful people.”  With schools still out in most areas, restaurants closed (except those who have decided to defy shutdown mandates in order to survive), the state’s wealthiest companies fleeing for more business-friendly shores, exploding COVID numbers despite draconian lockdowns, and a terribly botched vaccination rollout, Californians seem to have had enough.

The recall petition is nearly three quarters of the way to its goal of 2 million signatures and only seems to be gaining steam with each passing day. Sacramento insiders say Newsom’s team has been nervous since the French Laundry incident, which angered many Californians who have been steadily obeying orders to “stay home, stay safe.”

America’s attention has turned to the Golden State as Californians hone in on passing the first recall hurdle on their way to the ballot box. It isn’t just because to see a progressive, true-blue state like California oust one of their own is a train wreck few could resist staring at. It is also because what happens here could have ramifications for the rest of the country, both politically and morally.

Here are some reasons recalling Gavin Newsom should matter to the rest of America:

  1. As California goes, so goes the nation: It isn’t just a euphemism. Gavin Newsom has grown up with some extremely wealthy benefactors, including the Getty family, and his “aunt” not by birth but by close familial relationships, is none other than Nancy Pelosi. California has a direct, well-funded pipeline directly to D.C. and it affects national policy in some pretty disturbing ways. Ridding California of Newsom at least puts a kink in that pipeline.
  2. Sending a message about the freelance economy: Unfortunately, a frightening California policy that seeped into D.C. last year has gone all but unnoticed as the nation tussled over all things Trump. The PROAct is  a federal version of California’s horrific gig-economy killer bill AB5, which still stands despite Uber and Lyft winning an exemption from the legislation that was meant to entrap them but instead killed over 150 freelance job categories in the state. Opponents of AB5 warned of the PROAct after it sailed through the House but got stuck in McConnell’s senate. Both Trump and McConnell vowed it would never be signed as long as Republicans held both branches. We all know how the rest turned out. Expect the PROact to pass this upcoming session, which will outlaw many freelancing careers and reign in the gig economy in favor of unionized employment. Ousting Newsom would send a message to the lawmakers on Capitol Hill that even their own constituents can be pushed too far. If their independent livelihoods are on the line, so are the jobs of their representatives.
  3. Bye, bye President Newsom: Our fair governor has always had designs on the White House. And why shouldn’t he? He is the favorite golden boy of Aunty Nancy Pelosi. What a team they would make (if her age allows it). Newsom and Democrats know they would have a very hard time successfully running a failed governor for the highest office in the land. Taking Newsom out of Sacramento means never letting him get to D.C.
  4. Power to the people: Between lockdowns and voting chaos, there are a lot of Americans on both sides of the aisle who are feeling very powerless these days, and feeling as if their votes and voices don’t count. It is a demoralizing time for those who have lost everything to shutdowns while our representatives dine out and travel and send their children to open, private schools. Recalling Newsom would be a shot in the arm for Americans across the nation. If a true-blue state like California still has enough outrage to remove one of the most entrenched politicians in state history, it will embolden a lot of demoralized voters in the next election cycle.

It isn’t uncommon from people living in “Normal America” to make fun of and scold California voters, but America is about to get an accidental President from California in maybe a matter of months (I don’t know too many people who believe Joe Biden is going to finish his first term). What happens in California most certainly can be imported at an even speedier rate. Non-Californians can help mitigate this danger by helping Californians oust Gavin Newsom before his presidential ambitions become too real.

You don’t have to live in California to help. Share the Recall Newsom petition with your friends and family and encourage them to share. Tell your Californian friends to look up the nearest petition site and make sure to head over to add their signature to the 1.5 million signatures already collected (online signatures do not count). Share the website whenever possible. In the age of social media, you never know how far your reach actually extends.

Newsom’s removal from public office is not just beneficial for California, it is beneficial for all of America.

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