Kira Davis: Merely The Other Half

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I woke up this morning sure we wouldn’t have a resolution to our election woes just yet, but also sure that my Democrat colleagues in the media would be ecstatic and gloating about all the new Biden votes being conveniently found at the last minute.


I was shocked to discover instead that they’re just angry today. Everything is coming up roses for the Biden campaign and they’re angry. Why?

Because Joe Biden didn’t get 100 billion votes and the promised “Blue Wave” ended up being a drip.

Just as in 2016 they’re actually shocked to learn that there are Americans out there who don’t think like them. You would think that incident would have at least helped them accept that they don’t know their fellow Americans as well as they thought they did. Instead, it seems that they think 2016 was a mistake or an anomaly. Americans who would otherwise have voted unanimously for Democrat candidates in perpetuity were tricked by Facebook ads planted by Russian operatives. This is how Democrats see their own voters…as idiots who only vote for Democrats because they don’t know any different, not because they believe in Democrat ideas. They see their voters are so stupid that all it took was a Twitter bot account to get them to vote for Trump.

This is what they actually believe. They believe 2016 was finally going to be corrected, and that all those drooling, idiot Americans who vote according to what they see in a Twitter ad would go back to being Democrat idiots. The Obama administration and eight years of ass-kissing from the corporate media lulled liberals into believing the country was rid of all those pesky “others” for good now.


But they’re the idiots, because nothing could be more idiotic than believing Americans are done changing. We change all the time. It’s literally ensconced in the constitution. We don’t even stay loyal to meaningless celebrities who are just here to entertain us. American consumers are fickle creatures. It would be – and is – a mistake to assume American voters are any different.

Frankly, I’m shocked that they’re shocked. I suppose I was quite naive to imagine that some people may have learned their lesson in 2016 and accepted that half the country doesn’t think anything like them.

My colleague Robert Hahn said this today and I found it quite profound:

Trump’s stump speech about this being a “movement,” not a party, is lost on his opponents. But for those in the movement, it is dead-on. Trump will have 40-45% of the public backing him in whatever challenges he chooses to mount. The media will not be able to tamp it down… none of Trump’s people pay any attention to those weasels. The basic fundamental truth here, and you see it in the votes, is that there are as many of us as there are of them. The Other Guys like to pretend otherwise, but they are no majority. They are merely The Other Half.

America is divided. We’re as divided as ever. Pay no attention to the belly-achers who tell you we’ve never been this divided. We killed each other to the tune of 600,000 people over the most divisive issue in history. We have always had this schism, and in fact our government was designed for it. What we haven’t always had is the ability to share our opinions instantaneously and without consequence. You can’t get punched in the mouth for being a jerk behind your computer screen. It emboldens people to be rude, dismissive and insulting. We type things to other people that we would never, ever dream of saying to their face. It has changed the tone of political discourse, but the divisions have always been there.


So on a day when Biden voters should be very happy that he is cheating his way to a victory, they are instead despondent.

A realization that should have set in four years ago is only now beginning to creep into their carefully inflated bubbles…the Left is not the majority. They are merely the Other Half.


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