This Handy-Dandy Video Lays Out the Complete Evolution of Government Positions on COVID-19 and It Is Staggering

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster


Perhaps one of the most frustrating things about this coronavirus panic (besides being stripped of our rights and our jobs) is the changing narrative. It’s almost impossible to keep up with who said what first and with what they’re saying we need to do next.

We need to stay in lockdown; we need to open ASAP.

We need masks; masks are useless.

We need to stay isolated; we need to be outside in the sun.

We’re going to kill grannies everywhere; we’re going to kill the American economy.

It is a never-ending parade of confusion and it is wearing Americans down to their last, frayed nerves.

Enter a useful little YouTube channel I ran across called Minute Stats. They took all of the public statements from government officials and health organizations on COVID-19 from all the way back in January and ran through the complete evolution of their positions. All in a quick three minutes.

It’s almost a relief to be able to digest that long, confusing thread of COVID-19 in one short sitting, and goodness knows there are currently a ton of talking heads and politicians who just want to memory-hole January and February.

Take a look and bookmark this channel. Arm yourself with information because these days it is one of the most valuable (and ignored) commodities you have.