[Watch] Does Your Position on Immigration Make Sense?


Comedian and head writer at We the Internet TV Lou Perez recently posted a hilarious but thoughtful video diatribe about immigration. Lou – whose father was an immigrant – points out the amusing dichotomy between what open-borders progressives say about immigration and what they say about the man who currently resides in the White House.


I’m so thankful my father made that long journey nearly 40 years ago, but to be honest if my father were thinking about crossing the border today in 2019, I’d tell him not to. Even if it meant I’d never been born. Why? Ummm…because Donald Trump is president. You know- the racist, fascist otherwise known as HITLER. What American in their right mind would ever let immigrants legal or undocumented enter the country while Hitler is in office?? That would be so messed up. I keep seeing all this mixed messaging. It’s confusing. The same people who call Trump Hitler also want to let in migrants and asylum seekers? they compare turning away asylum seekers at the border to the U.S. turning away Jews before WWII, but wouldn’t the analogy be more like Jewish asylum seekers being sent right into the arms of Hitler. Because remember, Donald Trump is just like Hitler. Possibly worse depending on who’s tweet you’re reading.

Perez goes on to point out the hysterical hypocrisy of the celebrity Left, who keep promising to move to Canada while simultaneously demanding an open border to allow in as many immigrants as care to come.


If living under a Trump dictatorship is too hard for Lena Dunham to bear, can you imagine what it’s going to be like for Maria, a single mother with 2 children fleeing a murderous drug cartel in Central America?? If celebrities really cared they’d be down there at the border building a wall, pleading with them, “Stay out, Maria! It’s not safe here!  You can’t nanny our children or clean our houses!”

The kicker is the end, when Perez reminds us how great this nation truly is no matter who is in the White House.

Man, it is truly a testament to how amazing our country is that Donald Trump is the president and people are still risking their lives to get here.

Check out the video here and be sure to subscribe to We the Internet TV on YouTube so you don’t miss a single laugh.


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