Thursday is #Buycott Day

Everyone’s favorite witch is calling for a BOYCOTT of all the evil companies doing evil business with the evil NRA by offering evil discounts on their evil services.


Charmed star Alyssa Milano – who has without a doubt never once made an attempt to actually inform herself about what the NRA does and doesn’t do – wants all of you evil people out there to prove you are not evil by boycotting Amazon and Apple until they agree to stop streaming NRATV. She is also demanding we boycott Fedex until they end their HORRIFIC discount program for NRA members.

Boycotts are never as effective as people would like them to be. Simply by the nature of…well, human nature it is more difficult to spur humans to passion through a negative proposition than a positive one. However, the anti-second amendment crowd is determined to make their point.

In that light, it seems the proper (and positive) response would be a BUYcott. When the LGBT lobby hysterically announced they were boycotting delicious chicken, Americans countered with a BUYcott of Chick-fil-a, propelling them to record sales and launching them into an entirely new era of success. It ended up backfiring bigtime, and my guess is most of the boycotters have gone back to eating at CFA because only Nazi puppy-killers who watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians marathons can maintain a long-term hatred for those amazing mini breakfast buns.


The real victory of the CFA campaign was that the American left got a taste (forgive the pun) of just how many people in America disagree with them. They live inside their coastal, big-city bubbles. They only know people who think like them and thus assume their opinions are in the mainstream. Just like with the Trump election, they are always shocked and dismayed to find out their views don’t actually represent the majority of America.

It’s time to remind them once again. So while they call for the “negative”, let us call for the “positive”.

Thursday is #BUYCOTT day!

In business, a “loss” can take a while to register. A “gain” is immediate. Let’s show these companies all they have to gain by resisting the unreasonable hysteria of a minority of uneducated Americans.

Be sure to purchase something from these companies on Thursday. If you have business to do with them, perhaps you can delay it until Thursday to make a bigger impact. Or maybe you’ll be in the mood to treat yourself to a little extra on that day. Maybe all you need to do is simply tweet out your support and let them know there are more of us than those who think they hate us.

It is extremely important to illustrate the buying power of the American public. Money talks.

Start making some noise!




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