Ben Affleck Reviles Republican Artists but Sex Fiends Just Fine

Ben Affleck Reviles Republican Artists but Sex Fiends Just Fine

Remember that one time Ben Affleck told a Playboy Magazine interviewer that he can’t stand watching Republican actors on screen?

Let’s refresh our memories.

“When I watch a guy I know is a big Republican, part of me thinks, I probably wouldn’t like this person if I met him, or we would have different opinions. That s—t fogs the mind when you should be paying attention and be swept into the illusion.”

The statement isn’t all that crazy. After all, when a dumb liberal celebrity opens their mouths one too many times to spew some garbage and disdain toward half their audience it can push me out of that “illusion” as well.

However, in light of the recent Weinstein madness it is worth revisiting the insane hypocrisy of this statement. His repulsion towards Republicans – many of whom are just normal, kind, generous people with a different point of view about governing – prevents him from enjoying the talent of anyone who identifies with that political party.

Gross sex fiends and perverts who abuse their power to assault young, vulnerable women? Not so much.

Affleck’s less than convincing statement on his good friend and mentor Harvey Weinstein doesn’t erase the nauseating tolerance he has shown toward Weinstein over the last 20 years, at the expense of the reputation and safety of women in the industry…including women he has claimed to care for over the years.

In fact, the Batman actor has already been called a liar by actress Rose McGowan, who has been one of the few very open and blunt Weinstein victims since the scandal broke.

(language warning)

Just as this post went to publication, Affleck hastily issued a public apology to actress Hilarie Burton for groping her during a 2003 MTV appearance where she was a host.

I guess Ben is desperately hoping we’ll forget about his creepy sexual violations against young women, his affair with his nanny and his creepy pervert friends the next time we’re watching one of his movies. Wouldn’t want to ruin that “illusion” now would we, Ben?

Sorry, bro. It doesn’t look like you’re going to be untying that rope attached to the S.S.Harvey Weinstein any time soon.



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