In the Weinstein Scandal, It is Hollywood's Contempt of Their Consumers That Bothers Me Most

From left, Meryl Streep, Harvey Weinstein and Margo Martindale are seen at the August: Osage County Screening Presented by The Weinstein Company, on Sunday, January, 5th, 2014 in Los Angeles, CA. (Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision for The Weinstein Company/AP Images)

When it comes to this Harvey Weinstein pile of poop, it’s not the fact that so many people covered up for Weinstein that bothers me most. Every industry has a “code” about exposing lechery. Who can blame any young actor and actress chasing their dream for keeping quiet and choosing not to risk any chance they had of earning a decent paycheck by exposing the most powerful man in their industry?


How many women knew they wouldn’t be believed about Bill Cosby and knew to accuse him would be to end their careers? I get it, and while I may not respect it I do have an intellectual understanding of the mindset.

No, what is truly infuriating is how often these very people have stood to condemn you and me and anyone who didn’t hold their view on any number of social issues. They call you hillbillies and toothless rednecks if you don’t support spending.

They call you a traitor if you’re a pro-life woman.

They call you a deplorable person because you voted for a political creeper who didn’t have the good fortune to be named Bill Clinton.

They call you racists for suggesting all lives matter.

They call you phobic for not wanting your daughter to be forced to pee beside a man in a dress in the public bathroom.

They have told you over and over again how cowardly you are, and how brave they themselves are for “speaking truth to power”…and the whole time they all laughed and drank champagne and whispered about Weinstein’s (and surely many many others like him) disgusting abuse of authority. And while they were doing that they were wearing their stupid ribbons for “women’s empowerment” and their dumb “THIS is what a feminist looks like” shirts.


Well, if this is what a feminist looks like I’m happy to stay a toothless, shoeless, uneducated member of the unwashed masses.

We elected Donald Trump as our president. Bill Clinton is still the most beloved president of all time on the left. Clearly Americans are willing to overlook quite a bit of “bad behavior” as long as they see there are some benefits from the deal. Yeah, Bill Clinton got his piddle diddled in the Oval Office but he’s fun to watch on that saxophone! Michael Jackson was most likely a pedophile but we still download his music because he was an amazing talent. Everyone knows Tom Cruise is a complete psychopath but he’s imminently entertaining on the big screen and that’s why he’s one of the last real, old-Hollywood movie stars.

We understand that the inner workings of Hollywood are probably not that grounded in morality or reality. We understand that lots of shady things probably happen behind the scenes. We agree to tolerate such notions and Hollywood agrees to keep us entertained.

The Hollywood entertainers you pay so dearly have no such intention of returning the favor. They’ve bought into their own lies, believing that somehow they are special and deserve to live under a different set of rules from the rest of us. They give each other awards for expressing their disdain for you and the work you do to earn the money that pays them. They call you the problem with “tolerance” and “equality”…then they shush abused women and look the other way while creeps like Weinstein – their BROTHER-IN-POLITCAL-IDEOLOGY – just make more money and amass more power.


The American voter/consumer can forgive a lot, but we won’t soon forget the slimy, greedy, delusional hypocrisy with which the Hollywood set has treated Weinstein and the rest of us.


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