The Redstate Box Office Report

The Redstate Box Office Report

Horrifying clowns rule the box office this week, even as this Labor Day box office weighs in as one of the worst in almost two decades. Grab your big red nose and dive into the weekend box office numbers!


1.It – $117,150,000

The reboot of Stephen King’s creepy clown story, It rules the box office this week. No one got close. This second adaptation of one King’s most iconic novels scored way above expectations. It’s set to pull in at the third biggest opening of 2017.



2.Home Again – $9,028,222

This Reese Witherspoon romantic comedy had the misfortune to go up against killer clowns this weekend. Given the massive, unexpected success of It, a second place showing is pretty respectable.



3.The Hitman’s Bodyguard – $4,850,000

Sam Jackson, Ryan Reynolds, guns, buddies and explosions – down 54% in week four of their run. They still clinch third place. Not bad.



4.Annabelle: Creation – $4,000,000

Tis the season of horror. Annabelle:Creation had a budget of $15 million and has so far grossed over $96 million. Dolls and clowns are scary…and profitable.



5.Wind River – $3,210,200

The Olsen girl who isn’t a twin and the most useless “Avenger” in this murder mystery set on a Native American reservation. In week 6 it has already made back twice it’s production costs.


6.Leap! – $2,500,100

This animated romp from the Weinstein company has been called “unremarkable”, a term that could apply to it’s disappointing $4 million opening weekend.



7.Spiderman: Homecoming – $2,015,000

The webbed superhero reboot has grossed nearly $1 billion world wide and 10 weeks in audiences are still heading to the theaters to see it.



8.Dunkirk – $1,950,000

Regular “Redstate Box Office” reporter Brad Slager predicted, “Christopher Nolan’s historical epic should have a long run in front of it.”. Turns out he was right. The WWII epic is still in the top ten 8 weeks into it’s run.



9.Logan Lucky -$1,826,425

If you don’t know what this is, don’t worry. Neither do we. But it has Channing Tatum, Daniel Craig and Hillary Swank and the promo poster has a car in it…so…yeah. Apparently it’s in week 4 of it’s run and hasn’t yet earned back the cost of filming.



10.The Emoji Movie -$1,060,000

Hate to tell you this, but The Emoji Movie has thus far earned over $30 million above cost. This means we for sure are getting another emoji movie.


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