Real Housewives Star in Hot Water For Letting 4-year-old Hold Gun

Yeah, yeah…I know. Some of you are just to good to be bothered with the modern entertainment culture. You’ve got books to read (not Kindle, because only real books count) and politics to discuss and more important weighty matters. Entertainment is garbage!


Well, sure. I guess. But while conservatives were deciding they had better things to pay attention to, the left stepped in to fill the vacuum and has had a pretty much unopposed platform to push their ideals for decades now. The election of President Trump was only a shock to some people because Hollywood holds the bully pulpit right now and can manipulate their media and coverage of issues to make it seem like more people represent their point of view than is actually true.

Some of it may well be garbage, but there are issues that come up in the realm of entertainment that provide a great opportunity for conservative-minded Americans to address and refute.

Case in point: Former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kim Zolciak is married to former NFL player Kroy Beirmann. They have six children together, including Zolciak’s two daughters from a previous relationship (whom Beirmann has since adopted). The Real Housewife (they look less and less real these days, don’t they?). Zolciak posted a Snapchat of her 4-year-old son’s school assignment in which he had to discuss all the things he likes about his dad.


The offending bit came when young Kash said he liked that his dad let him hold his “real gun”. That’s all it took to send the internet into high alert. The Real Housewife brand thrives on controversy so I doubt Zolciak and her husband care too much about the blowback, but it does beg the question…is that irresponsible?


My suspicion is that many people who were immediately appalled at the idea of a 4-year-old holding a gun have a lot of false images in their minds about what a gun does and how it actually works. They’re picturing him having a loaded machine gun, pointing it in his own face. They probably don’t understand the culture of legal gun-ownership. I have no proof but I suspect Beirmann and his wife didn’t hand a loaded pistol to their child just to play with.

Guns don’t have thoughts or feelings. They can only be used when someone is using them. The boy was obviously with his parents, whom we have to trust have his safety in mind more than anyone else in the world does. He held it, but makes no mention of using it, playing with it, or treating it as a toy. Guns can be scary. Every parent who is a gun owner has the responsibility to teach the children in their homes how to handle one and how to respect one.

Yes, that starts early. Letting your child become familiar and comfortable with the object before moving on to training is actually a good way to build reverence. If the kid said he was running around with it or playing cops and robbers with it then the outrage is acceptable.

In this case, all he did was hold it. Outside of people’s preconceived notions about what a gun does or doesn’t do, how is that any worse than him holding a pair of scissors?


Is four too young to let your child start learning about the guns in your home? Nope. My son got his first gun at 8 and to this day he won’t even allow other kids to playfully point toy weapons of any kind at him or any other person.

“Don’t point at something you’re not willing to hurt! Even if it’s just for practice!”

That’s my boy! He has a greater knowledge of guns than 98% of the kids in his peer group (now teenagers), and instead of turning him into a maniacal killer they’ve actually made him a stickler for the rules.

The Beirmann family will be just fine, internet. Move on to the next outrage – like how repeatedly changing and molding your aging face might make your offspring think they’re ugly and unacceptable for looking like you when you don’t even want to look like you.


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