The New Nintendo Switch Looks Like the Rubix Cube of Gaming

Politics, politics, politics. Other things are happening in the world that don’t have to do with nasty women and Chinese steel. Its true. I saw it on the internet.


I’m not a gamer but I have a teenage son so I know a little about gaming stuff and things. I’m pretty much an expert at button smashing. I know that there are some gaming consoles that are different from other gaming consoles but they all cost more than I ever have in my bank account at one time.

Today the teenager woke up an extra 30 minutes early so he could watch the West Coast premier of the new Nintendo Switch trailer. Switch is Nintendo’s newest console and it looks pretty rad. That’s about as technical as I can get.

Nintendo’s website was busted this morning because of all the traffic. Two seconds after the trailer launched #NintendoSwitch was the top trending Twitter hashtag. My spidey-gamer senses tell me that means people are excited. Again, that’s as technical as I can get.

Here, just watch it. Switch comes out next March.
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