Covergirl Goes Ironic, Signs First Male Spokesmodel

17-year-old James Charles has been named the newest Covergirl spokesmodel. No, he isn’t a girl and he doesn’t identify as a girl but he’ll be representing the very specifically named make-up giant’s team of celebrity models that includes Katy Perry.



Charles has been a well-know Instagram and YouTube celebrity for quite a while as a make-up aficionado. His senior pictures went viral after he Tweeted about bringing his own lighting and creating his own make-up design.

Covergirl has made a concerted effort over the last few years to appeal to younger and non-traditional audiences after decades of “supermodel” reps like Christie Brinkley and Tyra Banks. In 2008 they made Ellen DeGeneres the new face of the brand, drawing accolades for expanding the stereotypical vision of the type of woman who uses make-up and how she uses it.

Covergirl looks to shake up things once again with a boy. Frankly I find the image of a teenage boy in that amount of makeup uncomfortable and the image doesn’t appeal to me as a consumer. I suppose the frumpy, pajama-dwelling, blogger housewife isn’t the demographic they’re trying to reach these days.

Boys are not meant to look like girls. It bleeds out everything unique and glorious about our warring yet compatible genders. Modern feminism has flabbergastingly latched on to the “gender fluid” trend at the peril of women.

Once, when traveling with my teenage son and our niece of the same age my husband and I continually admonished him for not holding the door open for his sister and cousin. At one point he rolled is eyes and sighed.


“I don’t have to, mom. GENDER EQUALITY!”

I looked at my niece and said, “See. This is what modern feminism does. It takes away everything cool about being a girl.”

As we continue to blur the lines between gender in this country and we are actually robbing womanhood of the intrinsic value of being a woman.

I’ve worked with plenty of male make-up artists who are as talented as Charles. They love the canvas of a woman’s face and maybe they consider a man’s face the same thing. I don’t know or care.

It’s just make-up. I get it. And Mr. Charles applies it flawlessly, no doubt. But this is about more than just makeup. It’s about little boys acting like girls and being celebrated for it, while girls who would like to keep some things sacred for their gender are bullied into silence for fear of being denigrated and shamed.

Cultural appropriation is only an acceptable offense as long as it doesn’t step on the toes of the “gender fluid” crowd.


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