Liberal Celebrity Agrees With Conservatives On Hillary Clinton

Gender has been a major factor this election cycle.

At the beginning of her campaign, Hillary Clinton declared she believed being female was one of her merits, and a reason voters should support her. Just as voting for someone based solely on race is actually racism, voting for a candidate based on nothing but gender is sexism. But most liberals see it as history-making and a swipe at that romanticized glass ceiling.


One Hollywood name whose opinion on this subject I actually agree with is Susan Sarandon. Yes, she holds crazy Leftist opinions on most issues that matter, but on this, her and I see eye to eye.

Business Insider reports, emphasis mine:

Susan Sarandon has had a troubled relationship with Hillary Clinton, and the actress has confirmed she won’t be voting for the Democratic nominee in the presidential election.

“I don’t vote with my vagina,” Sarandon told BBC’s Evan Davis of her decision not to vote for Clinton.

“This is bigger than that and I don’t want to spend a lot of time talking about Trump and Hillary because that’s not why I’m here. This is bigger than who wins this election,” she said.

She added that in her view, based on what she saw during the primaries, the DNC is “so corrupt, it’s not worthy of our votes.”

I agree with Sarandon on one thing in particular: voting with your body part is gross.

Selecting candidates based on whether they possess the same genitalia as you requires no thought, only sexist feeling. Neither Susan Sarandon nor I have caved to the peer pressure that says we must choose Hillary because she’s also a female. And believe me, that peer pressure is out there right now. According to many on the Left, Hillary is not only supposed to be chosen because she’s a woman, but should be given full reprieve for her criminal behavior. That is not only illogical, but very dangerous when we’re talking about a person who is running for the highest office in the land.


Robin Lakoff, professor at UC Berkeley (insert laugh), recently criticized the “bitch hunt” against Hillary for her emailgate. You see, the only reason people are going after Mrs. Clinton is because she’s a female. There could be no other possible reason. And this is coming from the same crowd asking you to support her because she’s a woman. They really are obsessed with gender, aren’t they?

I don’t support Sarandon’s final choice for president, because it’s unstable Jill Stein. However, I do agree both with her assessment that the DNC is corrupt, and that gender-based voting is wrong, and frankly, offensive.


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