I'm Tired of Hearing About Trump and Sexual Assault

The allegations, revelations, and recordings of Trump’s behavior toward and discussion of women are abhorrent. It’s clear this guy, masquerading as an alpha male, has serious issues relating to females.

He views women as property which he is allowed to handle at any time and in any way simply because he’s a star. At the very least, he should not be granted more “star status” by being rewarded with the presidency. You think he’s drunk with power now? It could actually get worse.

But frankly, I’m tired of discussing Trump and sexual assault. The entire month of October has been/will probably be about it.

If you remove October 2016 and all the “bombshells” as we know them from our minds, you’re still left with plenty of reasons to be #NeverTrump. Plenty. For most of us, this month hasn’t been some sort of course reversal as we head toward the ballot box. If anything, this month has further solidified our commitment to never support Donald Trump and all his inabilities and insecurities. To those of you who are still the coveted undecided voters, I have no idea what you’re waiting for. Neither Trump nor Hillary’s character is changing before November 8.

A common complaint from the pro-Trump crowd is that these tapes or allegations didn’t drop until October. Yes, that’s true. It’s clear they were meant to further derail the Trump train. It’s always been more than obvious that the media is in collusion with Hillary. A recent example is of Glenn Thrush at Politico who emailed the Clinton campaign to get articles approved in advance of publication, as Brandon Morse discussed here. Is it bothersome? Yes, it is. However, it’s unsurprising. This has been a regular occurrence for some time and will continue to be long after this disastrous election cycle is over and a disastrous president is ushered in.

That the media is conspicuously in the Left’s pocket is not the problem this cycle. It isn’t as if Donald Trump’s behavior before October 1 was Mike Pence-like. He didn’t possess an affable demeanor dotted by mostly good decisions. No, we’ve always known the real Donald. The problem this cycle is we had a chance to select an actual conservative with experience and chose Donald Trump, instead.

While we can – and should – highlight Trump’s pattern of disrespect and inappropriate (or downright criminal) behavior, it is neither surprising nor is it the final nail in the coffin. That coffin was sealed the day Trump became the GOP nominee. He was always a doomed choice because he should never have been seriously considered in the first place.

To those who aren’t voting for Trump, but speak about his history as he relates to women as the reason he should be denied the office, where have you been this whole time? To those who support Trump and shrug their shoulders at the allegations/recordings, will you never be disgusted? To those in the media who think this should be the thing which sinks someone, do you still have your Clinton/Gore campaign buttons? Ironic.

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