#NeverTrump Doesn't Mean I'll Support a Libertarian

In this Sept. 21, 2012 photo, Libertarian Party presidential nominee Gary Johnson, right, greets  students at Macalester College in St. Paul, Minn.  Third-party candidates Johnson and Virgil Goode are blips in the presidential race. They have little money, aren't on stage for presidential debates and barely register in the polls _ when survey takers even bother to list them as options.(AP Photo/Jim Mone, File)

There seems to be a conclusion among the ranks of disappointed #NeverTrump conservatives that a Libertarian candidate should be the next logical choice for their vote come November. I understand many refuse to support Trump or Hillary (I’m one of them), but I won’t be heading toward the Libertarian side of things in 2016.


Naturally, the Libertarian party has grown since the presumptive mainstream nominees are criminal Hillary and deranged Donald. The Libertarian party has capitalized on the widespread disgust.

However, Libertarians in general come off as a little immature. It seems they live in a world where freedom of anything is everything, with little regard for what’s right. Sometimes the hardest, most uncomfortable thing to do is the correct thing. Yes, freedom is important. We protect each other’s freedoms, celebrate freedom, and many brave souls have fought and now fight for freedom. But too much of the Libertarian party is idealistic to a fault. Even their hashtag #LegalizeFreedom, which sounds excellent, misses the mark.

Take for instance their widely-held belief of non-interventionism. It looks great on paper, and is a pretty safe route, but it is absolutely cowardly in a world where terror threats abound and action must be taken. Conservatives don’t want war or ordered conflict, but sometimes these things are necessary. We understand that resources will be used, and worst of all, lives may be lost, but that is the price for freedom. It doesn’t just come automatically.


Another position I cannot get behind is their majority-held opinion on abortion. Many Libertarians I’ve come across are obnoxiously pro-choice. They believe “freedom” for the woman surpasses everything and should secure them a shiny gold star. In reality, their refusal to take a stand on the issue shows how spineless they truly are. Nothing says you’re a coward like failing to protect the most basic right to life for the unborn. Abortion isn’t an exercise in freedom. Of the two-person equation involved in each pregnancy, one is destroyed when abortion occurs. This can’t be protected.

Today at the Libertarian convention in Florida, Governor Gary Johnson won their support for president. As concerns abortion, Libertarian candidates as a whole – including Johnson – maintain a cowardly one. The Washington Examiner reports:

A lower-tiered candidate compared his pro-choice stand to supporting the legality of cheeseburgers despite personally adhering to dietary restrictions that forbid mixing meat and dairy products. Johnson’s position on abortion is more moderate, but he is still pro-choice until fetal viability and isn’t seen as an ally of social conservatives on issues such as religious liberty.


It’s plain to see that protecting life, which is a foundational issue, especially for true conservatives, isn’t a priority for Libertarians.

Until the Libertarian party comes to their senses (if they ever do) and realizes what’s right isn’t always the easiest, they won’t be receiving my support. I’m #NeverTrump, also #NeverHillary, but that hasn’t pushed me to support the most obvious third party. I still vote for someone who represents me and my beliefs. The Libertarian party does not do that.


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