Water Cooler 04/19/18 Open Thread; They Learned Nothing And Forgot Nothing

Democrats Fail To Learn Lessons Of The Past

Twenty years after the unsuccessful attempt to impeach President Clinton, the Democrats aren’t learning from the GOP’s mistakes and seem determined to double down on their errors. Admittedly the Clinton impeachment had just about everyone at the time rolling their eyes due to the framing of the charge. The Democrats not picking up on the idea that forcing people to testify in open court about their sex lives, didn’t endear anyone to the public, decided to try their own take with impeaching President Trump. Turns out that not liking how an election turns out and trying to take out a sitting president doesn’t work out that well either.


While impeachment fever has gripped the Democratic Party, the voters are not nearly so sure about that, according to a poll released Wednesday.

The Marist poll of 827 registered voters, taken April 10 through April 13, has a 3.9 percent margin of error. It found that voters are less willing to support than oppose a congressional candidate promising to impeach President Donald Trump.

Some 47 percent said they definitely would vote against a candidate who wants to impeach the president, compared with 42 percent who definitely would vote for that candidate.

“We just haven’t triggered anything for impeachment,” said Bryan Lanza, a political consultant who was deputy communications director for Trump’s presidential campaign and communications director for his transition team. “Democrats have been talking about that since Nov. 8 [2016]. That narrative doesn’t seem to be selling with their voters.”

But impeachment talk has only grown louder within the Democratic Party as a couple of Trump’s former aides have faced criminal charges from special counsel Robert Mueller — although none are related to the Russian election inference that Mueller was appointed to investigate.

But Lanza argued that most Americans recognize that impeachment is an extreme remedy for serious breaches — not a political ploy to be trifled with lightly.



Personally I am hoping the Democrats draw up articles of impeachment as quickly as possible. It took the GOP over a decade and Barrack Obama’s presidency to rebuild from their mistake, maybe the Dems will get worse.


Quote Of The Day

It is my opinion, that this kingdom has no right to lay a tax upon the colonies. At the same time I assert the authority of this kingdom over the colonies to be sovereign and supreme in every circumstance of Government and legislation whatsoever. The colonists are the subjects of this kingdom, equally entitled with yourselves to all the natural rights of mankind and the peculiar privileges of Englishmen…The Americans are the sons, not the bastards, of England. Taxation is no part of the governing or legislative power…When, therefore, in this House we give and grant, we give and grant what is our own. But in an American tax, what do we do? We, your Majesty’s Commons for Great Britain, give and grant to your Majesty,—what? Our own property?—No! We give and grant to your Majesty, the property of your Majesty’s Commons of America…The distinction between legislation and taxation is essentially necessary to liberty…There is an idea in some, that the colonies are virtually represented in this House…Is he represented by any knight of the shire, in any county in this kingdom?…Or will you tell him that he is represented by any representative of a borough?—a borough which perhaps its own representatives never saw.—This is what is called the rotten part of the constitution. It cannot continue a century. If it does not drop, it must be amputated…I rejoice that America has resisted. Three millions of people so dead to all the feelings of liberty, as voluntarily to let themselves be made slaves, would have been fit instruments to make slaves of all the rest…The gentleman asks, When were the colonies emancipated? I desire to know when were they made slaves?

—William Pitt


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